any ways to incrase thc during flower?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by gokukamaya, May 3, 2011.

  1. i know it releases it too protect it against animals , and stressing makes more of it, any ideas?
  2. Well then you know two things that are wrong. THC is not protection against animals, and stress does not promote greater THC production.

    Lots of intense light is probably the best thing you can do. Beyond that, there are ferts and "bloom boosters" that claim to increase potency.
  3. Like most pharmacologically-active secondary metabolites of plants, THC in cannabis is assumed to be involved in self-defense, perhaps against herbivores.[7] THC also possesses high UV-B (280-315 nm) absorption properties, which, it has been speculated, could protect the plant from harmful UV radiation exposure
  4. So, if you go around kicking porcupines, will they grow more or sharper quills??? If you cut leaves off of poison ivy will it become more poisonous and bothersome???

    All you can do is give your plants enough light and nutes. If there were some trick to make a plant that produces say 12% THC to produce 98% THC, everyone would be doing it.

    toasty gave you the correct answer.

    Hi, y'all. :wave:
  5. i know someone who shakes them back and forth it seems to make them rank alot after words idk could just be more airflow??
  6. this may be but in no way does that increase any potency.
  7. You could try yelling at them! That would stress them.... And the additional Co2 couldn't hurt. Trust Toasty... light and proper nutrition are what will give you the best potency!

    Good Luck!
  8. i think that is for strengthining the stem right?
  9. Just put a fan on the plants to strengthen the stems
  10. Idk why he does it but the plants don't seem to mind... ? And yes there are already fans on his, just does it anyways.? always has always will kinda guy..
  11. Correct, best understanding of what THC actually does for the plant is act as a sunscreen on the sensitive flowers. Which is very different than protection from animals. Which also is why lots of light will produce more THC.
  12. ya i guess they cant really stop a bear from eating them, but i do notice if i stick my hand in the garden it gets inflammed and turns right and itches all over
  13. Hmmm, well that's unusual. Not saying you aren't experiencing that, I'm sure you are if you're telling us, but most folks have no problem touching MJ. Personally I like to fill my bathtub with buds and roll around in it... :D
  14. What about higher temps or lower humidity during flowering? :confused: Seems that might promote more sun screen. At least I know I'd slap on more. :D

    Also, I personally masturbate onto my plants as soon as they're drying. A few days later they're the whitest buds you've ever seen.
  15. Olesmoky if ya did that earlier you might be able to produce some nice chimera bud.
    But really I just waterboard'em til they're just right
  16. What i think your plants hate you!!!

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