Any way to view old rep?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Brahski, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Or is it like.. instantly deleted after it leaves the page?

    I didn't even know how the rep system worked awhile back and I'd like to see my first reps..

    Was just curious, thanks for any answers.
  2. It's not necessarily deleted. You just can only view so many rep comments at once.
  3. Is there anyway I could view the older ones?
  4. Nope, not for regular users.
  5. :cry:

    Can I be a paid member and see them? Or is it mods only?

    Some day.. some day..

  6. ive noticed you cant see the older ones a bit ago aswell

    what kind of users get to see it?

    its a shame we cant.. is it like to much site memory or something.. all those links or something
    i think you lose your post count after a few pages too right?

    seeing them would bring back so many great memories you know? like instant enjoyment for ever....

    it would truly be one of the greatest assests to add to this site now that i think about it. and im saying it knowing its probably never going to change:( as ive never seen it discussed to anyone elses concerns

    k bye now. sorry for this high rant.
  7. Admins are the only ones who can see all of the rep posted.

    I can't even remember if there's an OPTION for more rep to be viewed, I'm thinking not.
  8. Yes! mods if there is any way for us to view all our rep and posts that would honestly make my year.

    :love: :gc_rocks:
  9. Sorry...there's not.

    Although, I really wanted to make your year for you, dude. :p
  10. Just wondering if the rep system had any troubles recently? I haven't had a rep appear since before the site update a month ago. Didn't think this was worthy of a thread for the obvious reason that there could be no problem. Although I did get 14 reps last month so it's odd.
  11. I just repped you, did it work?
  12. Indeed it did, thanks!
  13. No problemo. :cool:
  14. Thanks for solving his problem, Brahski! :D

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