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Any way to stop this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokeTruck, May 24, 2010.

  1. When i'm by myself smoking weed I can smoke basically an unlimited quantity of weed without feeling weird or nasueas or anything. But there are times where im just chillin in sombody elses house smokin a few blunts and after the first one when im gettin kinda high i start feelin real weird and by the second blunt i start feelin weird man. Like real weird i start feelin like im gonna puke than gotta go outside and chill for a few than im straight than i go back inside and i start feelin weird again. Its obviously being inside but is there any way to stop this ive been smoking for about 4 years and this just started happening to me like 4 months ago ever since i cleared a 2 gram bowl from a grav bong i had to go lay down cuz i felt like shit than 5 mins later i fuckin barfed.
    Ps: sorry this is so long.
  2. Is there a way to stop it? Called roll 6 more blunts and hit a 4 gram bowl
  3. sounds pretty crazy...
    if you've been smoking for that long and this is just a recent problem... must be a health issue
    all i can think of is to just stop smoking altogether, but i know for sure that wont happen.
  4. What kind of bud are you smoking? Is it just some commercial schwag? This might be just the paranoia speaking but I'm noticing a growing number of people getting sick after smokin. What if there is something on this grass from south of the border, pesticide or something like that?
  5. say hello to anxiety, specifically in ur case sounds like social anxiety since u can be sure it wasnt just the bud (its happened more than once)

    shes a bitch that may never leave u
  6. #6 masquerade, May 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 24, 2010
    yo man its anxiety. i wouldnt give you advice if i wasnt sure. look at symptoms of panic attacks. im not saying you had one but chances are unless you get to grips with the reality of them, they are unavoidable. itll be cool man i was smoking for 4 years fine then i randomly had a couple.

    trust me man:)
  7. if you get sort of a numb dead feeling in your stomach, sweaty palms and random thoughts just try to avoid caffine- put some music on, grab a drink and try to lose yourself in something else such as a forum or give somebody a call..

    i wish i could help more, SO many people suffer from this shit but dont say anything or think its something else.

    its not the weeds fault and its not your fault.
  8. or just take a benzo. RESPONSIBLY, klonopin, valium, xanax, ativan, etc. are godsends for those with anxiety when used right

    i wouldnt say go that route first tho get a handle on it before u need something to feel normal everyday. see a therapist or somethin a few times and do some cognitive behavior therapy. just my thoughts
  9. this happens to me once in awhile minus the puking, and its only when im already in an anxious or uneasy mood before smoking. just relax and just calm your mind before you start smoking. are you not comfortable around the people you been hanging with lately? that could be the cause.
  10. Alright lemme try to fill you in a bit more , I think it might be anxietey because my dad stopped smoking because he started getting bad panic attacks and thought he was going to die and shit. But I just get terrible cottonmouth and i feel really weak and get hot somtimes but all i really smoke is schwag because everybody I know is broke. But the weird thing is it doesent happen right after i smoke it happens like 5-10 mins after after my high has kicked in. And for anxietey I take xanax every once in a while but I cant say i really like it unless I have like 2-3 bars in front of me being ready to be railed. (off the zanny subject) Everything also feels like its starting to go real slow and shit man it sucks. So if it is anxietey which as im posting this message it seems more and more to me like it is because I always feel like everybody around me hates me even tho theese are people ive been chillin with years and we all love eachother (no homo) I just wanna know why after 4 years of smoking is it happening to me now and how can I supress this horrible feeling?
    Yet again sorry for the long message guys:wave:
  11. No one can really tell you what will fix it for you personally but what I do is just concentrate on relaxing, get unanxious before you smoke. And remind yourself you are in control of your emotions. It works for me. I sometimes feel that way too around certain people(its normal) but you just have to remind yourself that those are your buddies, and you KNOW they don't hate you. Maybe when you start feeling it coming on just close your eyes for a few seconds and count to 10, or start a conversation to divert your thoughts.
  12. it sounds like its the changes in ur life and watchin ur dad go through all that. that and when ur high kicks in, everyone knows weed can make u paranoid, add that with underlying anxiety and it either makes u in heaven kinda chill or it makes it worse. as for supressin it read up on wat causes panic attacks and think of the things that happen before u start feelin like u have been
    its a mind over matter thing, it sounds like it hasnt got u real bad yet so thats good u might just be able to know ur goin into an uncomfortable situation and tell urself "I am NOT gonna freak out i fuckin control myself"

    dont really know wat else to say man i just started tryina fight through this shit myself, really hope u nip it in the bud (lol)
  13. do you smoke blunts when you're by yourself too, or just with your buddies? it could be the nicotine in the wrap.

    i never touch cigarettes and i know that sometimes one too many blunts will put my head in the toilet, but i could smoke endlessly in any other form without any sickness.

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