Any way to slow down flowering?

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  1. Hey all!

    Back a couple of months ago, I was given a box of about 20 clones from a friend of mine who runs a production facility here in the Pacific Northwest. I gave away 16 and kept 4 for myself, and stuck them in some pro-mix mixed with a little dolomite lime and worm castings. I stuck them in my greenhouse, with the intention of putting them into flower when the current grow I have going in a grow tent is finished. (That grow is about 3.5 weeks into flower, and I have about 4.5 weeks left until harvest)

    So, these 4 clones lived on the deck for a month, then in the greenhouse since, with no ferts and just plain tap water when the soil gets dry. Just today, I gave them food for the first time. But while feeding them, I noticed that not only are they showing sex, but they appear to be flowering. As far as I know, they are not an autoflowering strain, and the light outside is still around 10/14. (I just checked, and sunrise is at 6:22, and sunset is at 8:13 pst) So, they shouldn't be flowering just yet.

    I'm trying to keep a low profile with these plants, and I can't have them going into flower just yet, as there's no odor management in the greenhouse. Is there any way to sort of slow or stall the flowering phase? There's no room in the tent for 4 more ladies!

    I've included some photos, from the day I planted them and today.


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  2. How lomg are u trying to stall for? If for a while then you can clone the clone. That'll stall everything and you won't lose the genetics. You can also intentionally stress the plant to slow it down but that might not be a good idea and will typically show on harvest
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  3. Would shade work?? Less sun, less energy, slower growth?? You could put a bulb over it but it'll reveg and u might not like the end result
  4. I only want to slow it down by about 4 weeks or so. I might just have to resign myself to having them flower in the greenhouse, and hope the neighbors think the smell is just basil or something. Lol
  5. Can't you put them under a light 18/6 for a while until you get your vent down? Just run a fan/AC and tent them. You can "rent" an AC from home depot.
  6. 20170830_161901.jpg I think it's too late to do anything to slow down the plants. Judging by the photo, it's safe to say flowering is fully under way.

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