Any way to remove Weed Star Logo?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by _Mako_, May 13, 2010.

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  1. If it's printed on then you'll have a hard ass time gettin it off without scratching it, maybe someone else can reccomend a chemical or something that may do the trick. But if its a sticker just let it soak in hot water and peel that ugly baby off haha
  2. The logo dont look that bad man. But, im guessing, get a wire brush and mix soap, water, and some other chemicals and start scrubbing. But, I wouldnt do it if I were you. Most likely whichever method you try to get the logo off, The logo will not completely come off. and it will look like shit. Just leave the logo there. That bubbler looks cool to.
  3. its a baked on paint type of sticker and it wont come off,without fucking up the bub,,its not that bad,just leave it,and im pretty sure its not chinese,go thru the thread,he has white guys blowing the glass,not chinese dudes,in my opinion its not chinese,and also they use simax tubing which is shipped from america to them,,,peace LEAR

  4. you could try dipping it in acid :smoking: lol jk but yeah try a wire brush with soap and water. The logo isnt that bad though, the bubbler looks hella sick which makes up for it i think.
  5. ...if you think its chinese crap and all your "friends" are going to know, why would you bother?

    well its not chinese crap for one, and I highly doubt most of your friends could tell the difference...

    LEAR is right, the logo will not come off w/o ruining the bong, but then your friends would just see a fucked up bong with scratches...

    get the piece, it's legit :smoking: happy tokin!
  6. Roor anti lime solution takes most labels off.
  7. paint thinner?
  8. soak it overnight in simple green then rinse well with hot water in the morning.

    /end thread
  9. That doesn't remove the label my diffuser...
  10. LOL^^

    But back on topic,
    Soak it in some CLR.
    Should do the trick.

  11. Thats good to know, always heard on here that they were Chinese, now i'm definitely getting it. I still think it would look better without the label, but I can live with it.
  12. maybe you can burn it off? probably a stupid idea but yeah, im just retarded right now haha
  13. You could try getting over yourself before you buy it?

  14. OoooOoOOooOOoo OP got chiiiiiiirped :rolleyes::D
  15. The title of this thread almost made me shit myself laughing.

    Just saying.
  16. He dislikes the way the label looks and would like to remove it, why does this necessitate "getting over himself"? Its not like he is saying "I don't want my friends too know I gots a weedstar!"
  17. thanks, ADogNamedJack.

    Read more than the fucking title people, I just think it looks bad, thats all. I didn't say anything about removing the logo on the diffy either, because that looks ok. Weed star is fine, if it was smaller or sandblasted in that would be cool, but i just think their logos make them look like toys IMO.
  18. You can say it, people want to own a cheap bong without everyone knowing its a crap star :rolleyes:
  19. idk anyone who lives by even who knows what weedstar is cause everyone i know gets generic cheap crap glass.
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