Any way to hurry up outdoor plants?

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  1. already have had two very light frosts, killed off a stray branch on one plant that came out of the cover and some tomato plant damage. my durban plants keep getting taller, 76" now but are not flowering. they are now 110 days old. any way to hurry these plants up? also not real sure what "flowering" means. i have the dense leaves on the end of branches but no bud action. j
  2. More info?

    Can you post pictures?

    Where (approximately) do you live?

    The sun is and has been changing since June 21st (may have neen the 23rd this year- not sure) - summer solstice. The days have been getting shorter since then. This should and does induce flowering. When did the plants go outside? Are you sure that they are female?

    Definetly need more info, but in the meantime, if you are getting frost already, you better build some kind of clear plastic and strapping cover to keep the frost off of them...and take it off during the day.

    More info please. Good luck.

  3. i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you've already had two light frosts, and your plant isn't even in flower you're pretty screwed, unless you have the means to cover them with a sheet every night it frosts. and even if you do that it can't get under 25 degrees. soo, good luck, and try picking an early finishing strain next year.
  4. Outside plants usually go 'out' in April in order to finish correctly by the second week of October or less...that being said, you really should be seeing *some* bud formation on that plant. Are you sure it's female?
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    Durban strains are sativas from Durban South Africa. The latitude for Durban is approx 29 S which would be about equal to Houston,TX, which is 29 N. It is a sub-tropical area, so for a frame of reference, if you're significantly north of Houston, TX. you're gonna be screwed unless you can erect a greenhouse over your plants.

    I suspect if you're already getting frost, you're in a northern climate zone. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to expedite your plant's growth. Sorry for your bad luck.

  6. You can grow them in Washington tho, I have done it. You have to grow them inside all winter until they are well vegged, and put them out after last frost in a hay bale pile to grow some more. It's hit and miss, but durban's are more maliable than some, wish thai's could do that tho.
  7. Yeah it's pretty much to late for that. In the future, if you decide to give it a try again and you want to beat the frost. Do as SkunkPatronus suggested and start as early as April, just hope the humidity is not to high or you'll end up with mold on your buds.
    And yes there is a way to expedite your plants growth in a way. I have grown outdoors for years, and just trying out indoors. I have harvested a month ahead of other local growers with good results. So if you wonder how I manage to have some of my mature buds displayed on the store shelf .... (pre-harvest season)
    You would need a heavy duty pvc tarp and a good sturdy frame to cover and lightproof your growing area. You then could shorten the day for your plants. Thus, you can induce flowering any time you please. Just one little advice... Have proper ventilation during the dark cycle. Hope this helps you out next time.
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    nothing to do with luck. i didn't get the seeds until june 1, planted that day. i'll start seeds april 1 next year along with my tomatoes and peppers plus i will get a shorter, faster strain. i made some cookies (10) with 1/2 oz. of the leaves off a broken branch and ate a few today up cutting wood. kicked my ass when i got home. it isn't like i don't end up with anything. i found two seeds in some "electric avenue" i bought. planted them and they are beautiful short female bushes in buckets now so they will finish inside, that was a bonus. in spring i'll will put up some galvanized roofing panels on the south side of my garden and plant tomatoes, peppers, limas and mj along there. last year we had a hard frost 9-4 that wiped out everything, not a surprise. a couple of years ago it frosted june 29th and then late august. can't put out tomatoes until june 15th normally. i'm at 7000'. posted pics in gallery. j
  9. if its durban poison and it hasnt started flowering yet. you are most definitely fucked at they will not even come close to finishing. durban takes a ridiculous amount of time to flower.

  10. Hey, Welcome.
    Greetings to a fellow gardener...learning to grow a plant, to garden, without nute bottles, is basically what people coming to the organic section have to master; you have that down already.
  11. thanks skunk. make friends with a nearby horse stable owner. one horse produces between 5-10 TONS of manure per year. you got 20 horses and you got a problem if you don't have a lot of land or a lot of gardeners removing the manure. they probably would be happy to let you have all you want. keep on adding it each year and your soil will love it, plants as well. i dump it at the base of trees, bushes, on the lawn, everywhere. this is a high mt. desert too, not really anything to add organic material to the soil but me and my pickup. j
  12. Couple of desert dwellers here, Jak for one. You guys have your own set of limitations like ours are 'season' and cold in the PNW. I lived in the high desert for a while as a teen-twenty, grew tons of sativa's that were quite happy. Sure needed a lot of watering in the summer tho, had to plumb plastic swimming pools with drainage lines all over the yard to keep the water available all the time.
    I'll look into horse manure here, my veggies might improve for next year.
  13. i dnt know bout hurryin it but u can force flower early take ya a wooden box thats light tight and after 12 hours of light throw the box on top of it and there ya go, if it doesnt bake that is, im baked and thats why im not makn sense right now lol

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