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any way to enjoy cannabis at home without smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tranceholic, Feb 11, 2014.

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    i've tried all toker pipe/vaporizer/bong/joints withs smoke buddy/toilet roll stuffed with dryer sheets in bathroom with fan. all seem to leave a smell in the house causing my sister to say "i smell something burning."
    going out to smoke is not an option, as it's very cold out and neighbors have called the cops on me because i use to smoke joints in the forest all the time. i remember one time i rode my bike into a forest and sparked a joint. as soon as i finished ready to leave, i saw a cop car rolled by one of the forest's exit and i quickly rode my bike home from other exit.

  2. get a good vape or cook some edibles alone for later use
  3. i have a arizer solo, it leaves a popcorn smell.
    edibles last too long body high.
  4. I keep telling you guys to get a pet goat in the house.
    Weed smell will never be an issue again.
  5. burn some popcorn in the microwave...
    keep it handy...
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    Frying bacon before mom got home saved my ass a lot in high school
    Use this, combined with a fan pointed out your window and a towel under your door.
    If she calls you out then, she is straight up lying, there should be virtually no smell.  Additionally, she'd be wrong, cause you're not burning anything :smoke:
    Lmao can you please explain this?
    A guy made a post that he bought a goat and I keep referencing it. even made threads about it.
  10. tell your sister to keep her trap shut or for your neighbors...kill them...then you can smoke in THEIR house...
  11. really? no smell for me plus just use a tiny bit air freshiner . i smoke quality mj in my solo m1d. window shut . smell so tiny..u must b smoking some stank the kind u can smell through bag in pocket. sry then ur sol xept extraction drops..
    Hahahaha, man every time you post about goats and smells I geek. I thought you were being serious.
  13. When I lived at home I would smoke in my bathroom, open the window, use a spoof, a mini-fan and Febreeze. I would take a hit from my bowl (also that could be your issue. Joints are much easier to smell than bowls), then exhale through spoof, then have the fan face out the open window and I'd blow a shit load of Febreeze through it. Do that every time I took a hit, then sprayed my entire room with Febreeze when I was done.
    Thank God I live alone now and don't need to go through all that bullshit just to smoke.
  14. Vape is the best and easiest way. The smell is not easily noticeable. And it doesn't stick on you, or your clothes that well. But they're mad expensive. I bought a pax a while ago and it costs 250$. It's a really great vape, but you can find one cheaper. If you don't want to spend money then I can only suggest you smoke out of a bowl and smoke in the bathroom. Put the hot water on and let it steam. Open the window and put a towel under the door. And if you have a small fan you can put facing out the window that'll help too. And after you smoke, turn the vent on (if you have one) and let it air out a while. I usually just take an actual shower and hit the bowl during it.

    If that's not going to work then there isn't anything else to do
  15. Switch to edibles ,go to a friends house ,be a man bundle up and venture outside and find another smoke spot?
  16. Just use a glass piece (pipe or bong) and exhale using a Smoke Buddy. They conceal the smell...

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  17. Ever think about tinctures? NO smell, and used under your tongue, they work within minutes!  All you need is a breath mint afterwards! Run a search for the "How to"- it is super simple!
  18. Dude this is WEIRD but i think it would work honesty. Try experimenting with this and let me know haha, I came home from staying at my girls house one day and when I came home my mom was boiling some mr. Clean!!!!! This bitch really just pulled out some cleaner and started boiling it haha I was weak as fuck but check this out dude, it made my entire house smell good I mean the closer you got to the boiling pot the stronger it was but throughout my house for the entire day there was just a beautiful scent of grape. Try it out homie I mean it smelled so good.
  19. If there is a "burning" smell and not really a marijuana smell/smoke then there may be something wrong with the method you're using. I've had my smoke buddy for almost a year and I toke with either dry or water pipes on a regular basis and have no problem with the smell.
    Pack a bowl small enough for you to hit in a single go, make sure all the smoke gets into your lungs and not out in the air, then breathe into the smoke buddy and repeat. There shouldn't be a burning smell or much of any smell really.
  20. Grab a toilet paper roll. Fill it with 3 dryer sheets. Put one dryer sheet on one end, and you blow through the other end.
    So you take a hit, and you blow the smoke into the toilet paper roll, the dryer sheets will kill the smell

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