Any Warhammer 40k players out there?

Discussion in 'General' started by rtlshred, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. I love smoking some herb, then playing some warhammer. You get so into the battles and skirmishes. Right now I have been playing a Imp guard army heavy on Deamon Hunters.
  2. I just got back into the hobby aspect after about 9-10 year hiatus (started in second and stopped after the first tau codex came out in third) still would play games from time to time (once every year or so with a buddy when he would come into town) but definitely didn't paint or convert anything for that long.
    Now I broke out my Black Templars and Chaos Marines. I'm now working on 40k skirmish rules, or really tweaking what others have already been doing. I'm also setting up a campaign for it as well where the first plot of the story will revolve around the dark adeptus and a corrupt imperial governor of a planet. I was looking at the sweet tech priest models for the IG which gave me great ideas for conversions to make these npc's.
    Anyway much of the rules, painting and playing I do is very much baked. Gotta love having the bowl, blunt, J sitting at the table as you play a game of 40K. Hell when I had butter a couple of weeks ago I actually made a great little lunch :D before setting out to the hobby store I game at. PM if you want the recipe for a quick Green Wonton Soup (assuming the butter is already made).

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