Any US seed banks sell Sensi Seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ozarksmokehouse, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Hi, All.

    Without clicking on 1 million websites, does anyone know of any US seed banks that stock the Sensi brand.

    Just want to know because Sensi is such a reputable breeder. Around for decades and producing serious,stable, and reliable genetics. Even Dr. Soul found his "Princess" seed in a 1 gram pack of Sensi Seeds Jack Herer.

    Many of these new breeders with funky names haven't even been in breeding long enough to stabilize anything. They just cross something and sell it.
  2. Sensi is one of many good breeders you can trust.
    But Dinafem, Dutch Passion, Sweet, Barney's, and many more are as good.
    My first ever order was from NIrvana, and it was great. When I ordered their shipping was easy.
    Sensi might be hard to get from a US bank, but Dinafem and Dutch Passion are very common.
    You might want to consider autoflowers, and sending cash directly to autos-only Mephisto is fast, safe, and easy.

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