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Any U.K blazers on this Forum?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BUNthatZOOT, May 24, 2009.

  1. Yo, was just wondering if there are ANY if not 1 other person(s) who is good Ol' British on these Forums? Im getting the conception that i am the only Brit on this site :( .

    If your English reply to this;
  2. I'm from England mate :wave::smoking:
  3. There are a ton of Brits on this forum.
  4. there's loads of uk'ers here fella ;)
  5. Sick, send me a friend request if ur english
  6. ...What if I just speak English?
  7. Your not 'English' though are you, your American lol mate
  8. Norwich man here mate, there's a few of us UK'ers around here. welcome to the city!

  9. Nice 1 mate, U a fan? sucks your down :S ... Just got back from the Fulham 2day... Europa league ere We come !
  10. Well, I've just joined the forum.. so that makes 3 :D
  11. Send me an add Kraziboy pal
  12. im from uk bludddddddddddddd
  13. Yeah im from south west london
  14. You're doing my nut in mate.

    Haha, Portsmouth hereeee. :]
  15. R u dizzy bludd?

  16. Haha you play FoM? So do I dude, what's your name on there? I'll shoot you a PM too.
  17. Yup. Birmingham :)

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