Any Tokers in South Carolina?

Discussion in 'General' started by DHo420, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. Any Carolinians out there?
  2. i toked in south carolina ! (went to carowinds ) . i live in nc thow...
  3. used to smoke it up in charleston (west ashley) but moved to NC, the scene in chas is pretty nice if you hang downtown and meet people.
  4. south carolina toker here, lots of kind buds here, just gotta know the right people
  5. hell yeah im from charleston if youre close hti me up
  6. im in da NC rite now. they got some nice kind bud if u meet the rite people
  7. I am in North Carolina but, South Carolina I hear is good for bud.

    To the OP: Where you at in SC?

    I would love to meet some Carolinians.
  8. charlotte here

  9. Charlotte is straight man.

    I am in Asheville, NC right now.
  10. I'm in Clemson
  11. Where in SC morningsmoke?
  12. i go to uncc, so im pretty close to sc.

    and this place is definatly not dry, i can usually get great dank, but average prices, nothing special ($60 an eight).
  13. Is Asheville as liberal about marijuana as I hear it is?
  14. im in NC like right outside charlotte. just moved here lookin for some buds and buddies! haha
  15. i allways go to south carolina to get fireworks, lucky you
  16. Anyone in the summerville area? or close to it?
  17. columbia here
  18. Do you guys have any pics/prices of what you're getting? I just moved here and so far schwag and shake is what I'm finding.
  19. I came here from NJ and was skeptical when I got a lot of mids coming my way. You just got to meet the right people who have the right shit you know? Ive encountered some pretty good herb in SC so im sure you'll find your way to it

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