any tokers from wisconsin?

Discussion in 'General' started by dankfrank, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. home of the beer and cheese!

    i live in stevens point, its right in the middle of the state.
  2. hell ya I'm from green bay. How's the bud in Stevens point? At the moment there is absolutely no dank on gb and it's ben like that for a few weeks. For now I'm forced to make do with shwa but it's good shwa
  3. its decent here,,, nothing to rave bout. i get an 1/8 of high grade mids for 40. dank is like 60 an 1/8.
  4. What up? I reside in Waukesha.

    Brew Crew for life!
  5. :confused:I don't know.......
  6. yup.... kenosha
  7. Ya same here but sometimes I can get mids for 70 a half
  8. use to live in prairie du chien from ages 5-14.. i miss the little river town..
  9. I buy my booze in wisconsin after 10 pm.

  10. why does time matter?
  11. Milwaukee here :).
  12. U.P. of Michigan here...

    Only a range of 2-4 1/2 hours from all of you
  13. Guys what is north WI like? I have always been in the south next to Lake Michigan.
  14. That close?

    How fars Detroit from wisconsin?
  15. Same.
  16. Milwaukee here too, except i can not find anything at all.:mad:
  17. Middleton here, reppin the best city to live in 2007!!:hello:
  18. Milwaukee!
  19. Im from Kenosha, im coming back to WI from texas for the summer. Shit though, after buying mj in Dallas for all this time im not looking forward to going back, paying bullshit prices for inferior weed.

    $30 for 1/8 of mids? i get better quality down here for $50 a half. But Wisconsin in the summer is the shit
  20. Any of you guys come down to Madison for Bratfest? Your munchies will never be satisfied the same after you experience...

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