Any tokers from Akron, Ohio

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GNAR, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. or somewhere near? Just curious and what kind of weed been going around cause i finally got some dro,
  2. Im from akron. only thing ive ever had other than reggies was blueberry. Afghan Kush, and im about to get some white widow which i cannot wait for. Blueberry was ok Afghan was way better. im hoping the widow blows em both outta here.
  3. just moed here to akron oh a few days ago from chicago, any suggestions of where to llook for some bud... really in need of some asap
  4. find people in columbus, that's all ima say
  5. lol i got some family out there that gets chron for 150/oz
  6. :D:DI am too far!!:hello:

  7. how far is columbus from like akron university cuz im like ten m,in away from there
  8. head over to Ohio University... its in Akron i think... i know three or four peeps that go there and it is a HUGE party school

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