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  1. Listen here, I'm a total scrub at growing. I am just now getting past the germination stage and I am planning to grow 1 female, maybe 2, outdoors.

    I would appreciate any tips that you guys feel are easily missed by first timers. I need all the help I can get.

  2. Go to beginer growing section and read read read read.
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    best tip u'll ever get!!

    Tell you one I just learned for the outdoors... Having geckos and lady bugs act as a natural bug repelent and insecticide!! Pretty neat :smoke:
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    There are massive of threads covering all aspects of growing, soil, ferts, pots, lights, the Search facility will find what you need. Good luck for next year - too late for this year, as you will learn..
  5. dude, it's almost winter! (unless you live on the equator or in the southern hemisphere)

    here's a tip:
    plant in spring, harvest in fall
  6. Oh man this is just for experience. this is nothing more than bagseed. I have nothing to lose by trying. I just want to do it and when they die then they die and I'll just be a little more experienced for spring.

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