any tips or tricks for these strains: ?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cuntie, May 3, 2006.

  1. hey all, cuntie here again...i jus ordered my seeds from nirvana ( directly ) and im hopin on gettin em soon

    anyways, are there any specific things or tips about the following strains that could help me ?

    master kush
    pure power plant
    northern lights
    jock horror
    skunk #1

    i looked around the grow journal section pretty intensely but i didnt find many grows on these strains...any tips would be greatly appreciated.


    ps. this will be an indoor soil grow
  2. Those are some great strains.
    Growing them should not be too difficult.
  3. Just be clear on which are your indicas from sativas for general grow conditions. I've never heard of any of these being particularly finicky or having special needs.
  4. Good idea Toasty.
    When you germinate them, remember to tag them so you know which are which so you can keep track.
  5. The PPP, be prepared to put it in a big big pot, very strong growing plant, if i were you i would look into LST for it.
  6. has any one ever had/grown jock horror

    if yes how is it

  7. Yes i've grown it, not the fullests heavy buds but good high, dont suggest it for stealth grow though, they grow pretty tall quickly (like white pearl strain), and long flowering period 12 weeks.

    To be frank not something i would grow again unless i really really wanted some.
  8. thx for the info guys

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