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  1. Hello everyone this is my forst outdoor grow started from a clone. Just wanted to know if she should be bigger or bustier and if I should maybe transplant to a bigger pot right now she's in an 8 or 10 gallon pot camt remember which one and I'm using happy frog soil and that's it roght now any input is appreciated

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  2. Your plant looks good and healthy. The choice is really yours when it comes to going bigger or not. I would definitely suggest going bigger the more room you give it to grow the more it will grow. I always put mine straight in the ground. I use a mix organic manure, bagged potting soil, and the native dirt you take out of the ground the clay will help keep the plant stable. That’s if you wanna go in ground you could always get bigger grow pots or bags off amazon at a decent price. I would definitely suggest bending and stretching your plants it will greatly increase your yield. You want to pull down all your main branches tie them with rope or whatever you have make sure not to tie a knot around the weed stem as you could cut off the circulation over time. You want to wrap around the branch and pull it as much as she can handle and continue to do this. Until she is in full bud and is no longer growing vegetatively. By doing this you open up new part of the plant to direct sunlight which will make it grow very rapidly and you will have many more main colas instead of only having 1 or 2. By doing this method you could easily double or triple your yield. Be sure to have a support system in place for when your plants start flowering and become heavy with big chunky nuggs. A rain storm can make for a very long and sad day if they aren’t supported and branches start breaking off a month before they are finished. I don’t know what kind of nutrients you use. I use fox farm grow nutrients along with cal mag in the veg process. I switch over to fox farm bloom and some seabird guano when the plants transition into flower usually around Early August depending on where you live. Good luck brother and if you have any questions just let me know kinda hard to put everything you need to know in one sit down lol

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  3. I gotta vote this post informative, nicely done blade, very well answered. @Jhamm1995
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  4. Thanks for explaining everything the way you did! I'm in the process of transplanting this morning I'll post more pics when I'm done. Thanks again for your wisdom
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  5. No problem! Glad to help. When I go on ground I don’t quite fill the hole in all the way either I leave it about 2-3 inches more shallow that way you create almost like a retaing wall around the plant when you water and feed your plants. It helps insure they get as much of the nutrients as possible
  6. Just transplanted into a 20 gallon bucket lol happy frog soil and little bit of bone meal hope thays ok lol can anyone recommend nutrients I can use in veg cycle im new to all this and have the bloom booster for when she starts flowering. Any help helps lol

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  7. Looks good brother. In veg you want to hit it with lots of nitrogen. On that bag of bone meal you have 3 sets of numbers 0-10-0. The first set of numbers stands for percentage of nitrogen which is 0. So i wouldn’t use the bone meal until you start to see signs of flowering. During veg you want the nitrogen number to be higher than the other numbers. The second set of numbers stand for phosphorus which is 10 on the bone meal and the last set of numbers stands for potassium. When you switch to flower you want the phosphorus and potassium numberes to be higher then your nitrogen too much nitrogen in bud cycle can cause your plants to not finish properly and never reach their full potential potency wise. Have you given the plants any nitrogen thus far?
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  8. You want be careful with nitrogen especially if you haven’t introduced it to your plant yet. I suggest using a liquid feed such as fox farm grow big. It’s what they recommend using during veg and it’s really simple you just add 1 tablespoon of nutrients to every gallon of water you can slowly add more and more as you’re plants continue to get bigger and require more food l. Seeing as how it’s already mid July you’ll prolly only hit it with a couple more feedings of a nitrogen rich water. Depending on where you live you are gonna start transitioning into flower at the start of August then you will want to hit it with nutes high in phosphorus and potassium. Like I said I suggest using liquid nutes cause it’s easier for me to control. No matter what you use read the directions carefully you can do a lot of damage by over feeding but if you do it just right it will make a HUGE difference.
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  9. Also cal mag is very good for plants it helps prevent a lot of diseases in your plants. Also organic molasses is a great natural way of feeding come flower time you can add it with just about any other nutrient just be sure to read instructions
  10. Yes I gave them alaskan fish shit twice so far guess I should have waited for the bone meal hope it doesn't freak it out. Shes due for another dose of alaskan fish shit I think lol
  11. You should be fine it’s no problem giving them phosphorus right now you just want to have a nitrogen focused feed during veg so you can have the biggest plant possible with most bud sites.
  12. Ok awesome thanks for all yoyr knowledge I'm gonna give her another nitrogen feed tonight before bed lol the Alaskan fish feed. Is a 5 1 1 so should be fine right? I was gonna feed 2 tbs. With 1 gallon of water??
  13. Sounds good I’m not positive about what ratio you need for the fish nutes but if you have used that ratio before with no problems I would just continue to do that
  14. Ok great thanks! Yeah worked fine before so should be fine again I hope lol

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