Any tips on transplanting 6ft plant, ground to container

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  1. i got a huge plant that’s about 1/ weeks old and it’s already around six ft tall and six ft wide
    And I got it in a terrible spot bc i didn’t think it would grow this tall, and pole lights always lit at night so what do I do
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  2. It's probably pointless to keep it where it is, I suggest digging it up keeping as much dirt around the roots as possible and putting it somewhere else. I've done trees like that and cut them way back as the remaining roots weren't sufficient to supply the whole plant with water and they started to wilt. They eventually recovered and depending on your location you should have enough time left for yours to recover.
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  3. if you can't remove in place then take many clones
    as where it is good as its in constant veg
    and an ideal mother..?

    good luck
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  4. F4E5CB40-DA56-4B5C-AFAB-74DDB4BAD6D9.jpeg I better just stick with transplanting I think I can do it a bit hurt it
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    How far is the pole light away that's LIT that's on all night Long?
    It needs to be about 40 looms at the plant in order to bother it.

    I've been growing in the same spot for 5 years have no problems with the street lights that are on all night long one street light is 20 yards from my grow approximately maybe a little bit less and the other streetlight is about 30 yards away from my grow. I've been growing there like I said for about 5 years no problems. they're newer LED street lights.

    These pics I took for another fellow that's having the same issue as what you're having.
    So these pics are from the very center of my garden to the each street light that Overlook my garden.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    These lights do not even register on the loom meter
  6. Do you think an outdoor grow is safe if a car passes it at night with its headlights on? Maybe 1 time per night? not constant so to say

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  7. Yes I have moved big plants before it can be done. you have to dig way out from a plant that tall. its roots are going to go out there about 3 ft from each side of the center. you can nip the ends of those roots and it will not hurt that plant.

    but it's the Taproot that you got to be careful of.

    The taproot go's down there about 16 to maybe 20 inchs.
    you want to get that. you don't want to snap that. that's where the plant will go in a serious shock.
    but it's not like it's not savable at that point.. It maybe saved.

    Use Mykio's transplant powder it'ss excellent for transplanting plants from one spot to another and it helps out with the stress a lot. Good luck
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  8. Pull it over pulled over and tie it to the ground as close as possibly without breaking it stop at that point . Then each day pull it a little Closer to the ground as it stretches it'll become very close to the ground and very invisible to everybody
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  9. Also pulling it over will provide you with many more Bud sites the sun will be able to get to all of those branches it was unable to get to when it was standing straight up and you'll have a much larger yield than what you would have had standing straight up it's a tactic I've been using for many years. As a gorilla grower it was just common sense to pull it over four stealth reasons . but with that being said it also increase my yield like 10 to 25% depending on the plant soil conditions and Lighting shade or full sun
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  10. Wish I could grow a 6' plant in a week.:wacko:

    Those lights aren't close enough to have any effect.
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  11. thats a good idea, i meant would it herm

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    Yeah the headlights aren't going to bother it at all..
    It would have to have the lights on the plant for a long time before that would bother a plant. Driving by at night is not going to bother a plant at all.
    So everybody thinks that photosynthesis plants are so sensitive. It's simply not true . it's a plant it's a weed it's going to live. The Moon is brighter than most street lights.
    More than likely a photosynthesis plant what produces seed because it's in its genes it's in it's DNA to start with not because of a streetlight or because of the moon or because of a car passing by. it take an extended perid of time of a bright light over 40 Looms in order to produce a seed on a plant due to light stress.
    I hope this helps you in your growing LoL. Happy growing
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  13. I guess the issue is the brightness of the streetlight.
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  14. I agree with all of you! I apologize about my terrible pronunciation I meant it was a 12 week old plant. I’ve came to te conclusion now after reading yalls comments that the streetlight is a good 30 yards away and I’m glad I didn’t attempt to transplant it because it’s just simply a bitch to do so especially when she’s growing so well. I thought the helicopters seen it yesterday because they woke me up circling my land several times but apparently they didn’t! I’ll post a pic of how far away the light is down below. You guys are helpful and thank you to everyone for the quality advice!
  15. 22E2996C-30BE-4899-A30F-9B0DD75E1273.jpeg Here’s the light I was concerned -
    About I’m standing beside my plant
  16. Those lights wont effect it.

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