Any tips on rolling joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by au4251, May 17, 2018.

  1. get a rolling machine tbh. much faster and it makes a perfect joint every time, and it's not as messy either. if you really are set on rolling your own joints, try the dollar bill trick. look up youtube videos on how to use the dollar bill, as well as just videos on how to roll a joint. it helped some.
    just make sure you fold the paper and roll the weed with your thumb and pointer so that it sticks together in the shape of a joint. that makes it a lot easier to actually roll the paper.
    it really just takes practice and re-doing it over and over until you get it. it's super frustrating, which is why i just got a rolling machine lol, but you will get it eventually. sorry i don't have any actual tips
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  2. Practise with tobacco. Roll it into shape stop before you lick the glue and start again.
  3. Well whats the hang up?? Don't Apollo 13 the joint paper with a stem bit that'll ruin the best rolls right at the end..ha Rolling up is simple.. Take a paper with at least a sticky tab edge since your learning.. And follow these couple pointers from the usual fatal errors that have ruined many sloppy or just careless joint rolling attempts I've seen occur through my life whether it was me or somebody I observed... 1. Remove all seeds and manicure your smoke to a consistent grade of coarseness.. You don't want smoke that looks like green sand but also don't want hunks of irregular shaped bud that'll create air pockets that can make a joint burn unevenly and "run " on you.. 2. Make sure your hands are ready to roll (clean dry etc .) 3. If your not able to roll a full length joint just take scissors and cut the paper down some so you can get the hang of it.. Roll perfect half joints or something then level up over time to what your comfortable with.. 4. All ya do is row up some smoke and twist it up in paper.. There is an acquired preference from smoker to smoker as to how tight and loose the end roll will be but the song remains the same.. Put smoke in a paper and spread evenly ..using both thumbs, index and middle fingers from both hands work outward from the center gently rolling it into shape ..when you feel it looks like what ya want tuck the non sticky side over the smoke and then once you see its secured and wont slip roll in an upward motion using thumbs and rolling against the side sorta of your two index fingers.. Hope this helps lol
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  4. I'm not sure if this goes in this thread or not... Here's a guy rollin' a spliff for some "Drug's Awareness" stuff. He doesn't seem to realize the papers are pre-glue'd so he holdst the j together with... Superglue. I'm quite sure he's serious too
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  5. Practice, practice, practice

    Consider a rolling machine. They're not expensive and they do the job.

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