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  1. I see there are a few buddhists and other types of spritually minded people here in this community.

    I was wondering how many people practice meditation what type how long and what you have expirienced.

    I have seen so many ways of meditating and they all seem the same to me but I dont think I can properly do it yet.

    I have been reading diferent web sites and have sort of come up with my own style but I dont know how to properly do it or dont think I do so I would ask for your help please.
  2. I've been tinking on a way to add to this thread; but havent found a way to express that knowledge I have and wish to share..
    (Digit, I found a knowledge i cannot /yet/ share!)
    it's very frustrating. :(

    [and so does it still have value ? ... :)]

    I can point you to the book that enlighted me:

    it is a discution between a philosopher and a buddhist monk.
    in between the lines, the monks teaches meditation in a very simple manner.

    I recommend this book to EVERYONE !
  3. Last night at my mates place I got drunk on a carton of woodstock and had to crash there the nigh.

    while in bed I was laying there and rememberd what I read the night before. Somthing like when you approch a dream like state let it happen and I did I sort of floted off to this wierd felling only lasted for 5 sec but I did it again but then I must have passed out but I could fell myself falling into meditation and it felt very cool.

    I will try it again tonight

    you can see the efects from the alchole.
  4. I highly recommend reading any books that the yogi Paramahansa Yogananda has written. He has a book on meditations and breathing exercises that goes in depth on how to properly meditate. He is a very amazing, spiritual, and awe-inspiring man.

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