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Any Tips on Making THC Sour Cream?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by alienlinux, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. So a friend of mine and I want to make tacos, and we wanna find a way to make them "Cannatacos". We were thinking of boiling the THC into the sour cream. How should we go about doing this?
    Any information would be helpful
  2. I'm not sure but you could always make some cannabutter and mix it in with the sour cream
  3. Makes sense. I'll keep that in mind
  4. I just made some the other day, smokey hash sour cream, Guacannamole (or 'GuacaCannaMole'), hashed meat and all, and I happened to take photos for an upcoming tutorial.. here's a teaser (older photo, took new shots that include tips for slicing and peeling the avocados with the least hassle). :)

  5. Niiiice dude. Send me a pm when you have the tutorial up, I look forward to using it.
    (my friend said "I love you have my man babies")
  6. Here is a link for home made sour cream. Heavy cream has enough fat to properly extract the THC (it's fat soluble so you HAVE to use full fat cream or it won't work). I would assume that simply making sour cream using the THCream would work? It works for hot cocoa!
  7. The best canna milks, are made starting with pure milk fat... in other words, clarified butter!

    A big misconception is that canna milk or cream is made by boiling or simply heating high fat cream, with cannabis... that's lazy milk, but not the 'good' kind of lazy feeling you'd get from a properly made milk. Using the right edible solvents wastes much less potency, and provides a stronger, longer-lasting experience.
    You do NOT want to begin the process by using a solvent with so much water contamination.

    When you are given preparations of various types of 'bhang' in drink-form or yogurt form, in India for instance, the hash and flowers have been pre-treated with ghee (a pure clarified butter, that is often probiotic, with a more rich flavor derived sometimes from fermentation-type process, and from heating the milk solids for longer before removing, or both).. just like we would do in a medical or recreational scenario. :)

    Once you've created a proper bioavailable solution with your pure milk fat and canna, it is then reincorporated with the milk or dairy product of your choice, just like you would do with sour cream, whether it's home made or store-bought. :)

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