Any tips on growing autoflowers

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  1. Hello,

    I'm growing chemdog auto and headband they are a week old and I placed them in a diffent grow medium and water didn't get to roots for 6 hours. When I discovered them in morning they were laying down so I immediately raised the water in bucket, The headband is recovering slowly but the chems one stem is getting stronger while its first leaves are laying down. What do I need to do, I was thinking of placing a tooth and a string in the pod to lift them back up. plz advise me thx in advance.
  2. Photo? Sounds like they're stretching because there's not enough light. What's your setup?
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  3. won't let me uplad pics but here's link to everything I bought for grow

    sorry for so many links but I bought 2 of the similiar style growers. thx for your help
  4. I was gonna go with 5 gallon plastic buckets and get more leds but I wanted to experiment with this. THe 5 gallon bucks come in 5 packs for like 40 or 50 bucks. I'm just experimenting to get better and upgrade my grow setup in future.
  5. Those lights won't do the trick. Check out the cheap options for Mars hydro, spider farmer, or vipraspectre <may have spelled that one wrong. For about 100 dollars u can have a good light that will take u thru harvest. The lights u have r not strong enough for a weed plant. I would assume alot of ur problems are starting there. Also If ir going hydro u should be hyper aware of ur ph qnd I don't see q ph meter listed. Ur gonna need to ph ur nutrient solutions
  6. This is not appropriate equipment for a full grow. These items are for small culinary herbs or House plants.

    I would suggest you have some reading to do. Start here:
    Learn How to Grow Cannabis Indoors | Grow Weed Easy
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  7. thanks!

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