any tips for my small grow room (pics)

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  1. hi this is gonna be my first grow, my grow room is only small am using 400w HPS i only want to grow a few plants

    ok i know my grow room is probably the worst grow room in history but i gotta make do with the space i have.

    i'm already gonna buy a CFL blue 65w 6400k and put that in there but id like to know if theres anything else i need to do just so i can grow some bud

    i had plants last year in my bedroom window they looked good but no bud this year am using a grow light for the first time in my life i just need a few tips on things to do

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  2. wow them photos are small sorry guys how do i make em bigger????
  3. some good ventilation because that closet is going to get HOT
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  5. the cord that goes to the light, is no good. change it, that's a good way to start a fire. i would change the power strip also. it's better to be safe then sorry. i'm glad i blew up the pictures now.

    i would say that's the most important thing right now.
  6. thanks for making the photos bigger n yeah i know what you mean about the wire but under that tape is'nt a live wire its just you know them tv ariel cables ya have that wire undernether thats of no use at all thats all that it the live wire (brown) and earth wire (green yellow) and the blue wire is all inside the plug none of them are exposed the reson the tape is on is to stop that metel wire pricking my fingers i woundnt even switch it on if i knew it was live but thanks for your opinions its the first time ive do this so any help i get is vital

    the light been switched on about a week now just checking to see if it runs ok and it does seem to run ok only checking coz the ballast is second hand
  7. the extentions are still ok i was using them for my pc and stuff they just abit mukky easy cleaned to look white again the only issue i can think of is the tape near the plug

    and i cant replace that wire i stuggled getting the plug wired never mind re wiring the whole thing the ballast am using is'nt made for the purpose am using it for its actually used for a football pitch you know them flood lights that what the ballast and reflector was used for .... yes really a football pitch

    i know i dont have the propper stuff but the light does work perfect and i paid £50 for the whole bulb and ballast refletor combi £50 is abit different to the £180 i was gonna pay for the same thing if i buy cheap i get cheap am always in my bed room it will never be left un attended am always here
  8. thanks yeah it sort of gets warm in there am please i didnt get a 600w HPS it would have been like an oven in there even with the 400w theres abit of heat but it only really gets warm at about half way up the wall if you know what i mean am gonna have to buy a fan for it

    im also tryin to hide my grow room from my mother she doesnt know am doing this and i would have my hair ripped out me skull if she found out so i cant really do much for ventilation appart from buy fans

    am hiding it from mam hiding it from the cops i dont know which is worse getting found out by mam or police knocking on the door with a drugs warrant hmmmm thats a hard 1 lol

  9. Fail. Stop groing in your parents house without thier permission. Weed is not worth losing respect from your parents.
  10. i do buy weed and she knows fine well i smoke it in my bedroom she not bothered about me smoking it thats all am gonna do when i grow a few plants smoke it nothing else and i aint just saying it thats all am growing my own for and thats for me no body else i could get pissed out me head everynight but i prefer a few joints to pints

    i know am doing wrong but then so was the person who beat me up for no reason thats why am now stuck in the house because of them i dont go out or do anything am in my room the whole time on my computer i cant even work coz i wont leave the house i think i should get something out of life dont you
  11. hi m8 just wanna ask you am thinking of putting tin foil in my grow room same cubord as the pics above how do you suggest i do this

    Do i just put fresh flat tin foil on the walls and door?

    Or do i crumple the tin foil up sort of thing then straighten it out so the foil is kind of wavy if you know what i mean?

    without tin foil the light is reflecting againt the door its not really reflecting down on my plants they are growing just thought it would be better for the plants if i use tin foil aswel

  12. Tin foil is useless, your better of using flat white paint. :rolleyes:
  13. Your biggest challenge is going to be heat. you need to have some way of venting or cooling the room, or heat will overcome your plants.

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