Any tips for early flower?

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  1. Just wondering if any of you have any suggestions for nutrient additions or anything in specific to do in the first few weeks of flowering?

    I'm using advanced nutrients 3 part perfect ph. thinking about getting big bud from them as well. Do any of you have any other suggestions on what's best in the early stages of flowering?

    This is a picture of one of my plants
    .. late at night so hard to see. I'm just starting to see signs of flowering. Headed into week 1 I believe. 20190812_224416.jpg

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  2. A phosphorus boost of some sort in early flower is usually that all you have nutrients wise, the 3 part advanced nutrients?
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  3. Yeah and cal mag + .. that's all I've used this year. ... thinking I'm going to do big bud and then bud candy towards the end.. unless anyone else has a better schedule to follow.

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  4. There are TONS of different "schedules" or "line ups" that you could do to improve your plants.....and I don't think there is ONE "right way" to do it.....if big bud and bud candy looks good to you, then i'd go ahead and use it.....

    I personally don't use any booters....and I never have. I use the Trio for soil by Fox Farms. With that said, I DO PLAN on buying a booster of some sort next payday.....but I haven't really thought about it yet to have made a decision on what.
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  5. I usually give my girls some type of top dressing a couple of weeks before flower.ive always used some high phos bat guano or seabird guano.This season I decided to go with roots organics terp tea.i just top dress a couple weeks before flower than feed it a compost tea in between regular waterings.I add some worm castings to a strainer bag or sock ......some unsulphered blackstrap molasses,pure blend tea blend, earthjuice catalyst and a couple of tea spoons of terp tea or some liquid fish emulsion depending on how they look.Hope this helps
    Good luck on your grow!!
  6. Do you have any recipes for tea or direct links to products your using? Definitely interested in what your planning. Sounds like it could be very effective.

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  7. 1/4-1/2 cup of freshly ground 6 row malted barley from the local home brew beer shop.
    Apply weekly in flower as bloom booster, Fast finisher.
    Can be applied as a bubbled tea or just toss the powder under the plant and water in.

    Don't let-have them crack or grind it as you want to do it with a coffee bean grinder just before use.


    It's the hot ticket for organic growing. This and chicken manure powers my grow and has for several years.

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