Any Threads You Visit,,, Each Time You Come To The City,,like Clockwork ?

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. I VISIT THE cleavage thread,,,,Cleavage?? .....

    as ive noticed a lot of superior members of the city have that have fine taste in the females overall perspective,,,of a nice rack<----- do,,,

    i consider it like a bar,,,,,

    the crowd allways has a regular in it,,,,in this case it's about 15 regulars,,,,

    im getting fucked up right now,,,,, i allways get sloppy toasted,,,just before i go get on the riding mower,,,, and tackle the chore of cutting the grass,,,,

    grass cutting is more better when im blitzed,,,,"" most of it gets cut twice"":p

    .............. what thread are you:confused: addicted to?
  2. Only active threads... I don't like bumping up the old ones.
    I did that once and got yelled at on another forum. >_>!
  3. Don't catch a DUI :p

  4. yeah I like sticking to threads that are currently going, help add to what people are looking at

    that is unless I've got some questions then I'll go searching, but I try not to bump up too much
  5. I click new posts and go through the pages.
  6. I stick to the threads floating around the top of the forum

    I do however like to occasionally bump the Zappa Love Thread and the Baseball thread
  7. shit i didn't know there was a cleavage thread :(

    i pretty much chill down in the basement with the growers.
  8. cleavage thread FTW :smoke:

    i always check the ones near the top first, but if im here long enough i alllllllllways somehow make it to the clevage thread ? :laughing: :confused:

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