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  1. what do you guys think? they are in soil, they have been doing very well untill now and the 4 sisters are looking amazing in the flowering room. The PH is 6.0 im using FF nutes at about 90% of what they say you should do.

    I do need to transplant them soon. but i doubt this could be cause by being rootbound.

    i have looked and looked and cant really come up with anything. Its just one fan leaf that is turning yellow like that. A few of the small ones on the bottom are also getting kinda shrivled up.

    the picture was 2 days ago. and now most of the leaf is now yellow/green with some larger blotty spots.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  2. I doubt its a ph problem. looks like your around 3 weeks flower or so. You should expect the lower fan leaves to yellow some and some will die and fall off. Usually this is a result in a change into bloom nutes with less nitrogen and the fact that your plants are more bushy and the light struggles to reach the lower fan leaves. Just like in nature late summer and fall when the plant loses light its basically dying slowly. Good luck.

  3. Dickhead-

    thanks for the reply, here is the thing. those are not 12/12 those are vegging. my flowering momas are doing great. Not a single thing is wrong with them. This one just started getting sick.

  4. Could very well be a ph problem then. I use earthjuice at 75% and also add cal mag every 2 weeks which has a Nitrogen spec of 2 during veg. My advise would be to flush 3 times the amount of water as your pot size(3gal pots=9gal water) be sure to ph your water at 6.8. As your current ph of 6.0 is a little acidic for soil. After you flush let your soil dry for a few days. Then give them a small dose of your current nutes and some cal mag. Others would recommend adding Epsom salt to increase the uptake of the cal mag. I have never used epsom salt but next time I will if I have issues. Watch how she reacts to the small dose 50to 75% of nutes and add more next time if she looks like she needs it. Do this immediately. the longer you wait the more she will die. It cannot hurt to flush your plants as long as you have good drainage. FLUSH FLUSH FLSH SOME MORE. I flush regulary just to get rid of salt build ups. I flush at least 3 times per grow. keep us posted.

    -D.Head (AKA The Head)

    P.s check your runoff while your flushing. Once your ph reaches 6.8 then your golden!
  5. The Head-

    yeah i will flush today and then bring up the PH of the water a little bit. thanks for the help.


  6. No problem man. Add some dolomite lime to your medium on your next grow and this should buffer your soil right around 7. I plan on doing this on my next grow too. I have heard it is much easier than trying to adjust the ph of your water and nutes all the time. Good luck and happy growing.:smoke:

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