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  1. My real first grow just was wanting to talk about growing like I think I got some hermi's but not real sure I got one Mindbender fem and a afghani special the rest are bag seeds from some lemon haze I'm pretty sure or blue dream

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    Look like females to me. Try to get some clear close up shots of a few colas so we can look for pollen sacks.

    Look for sacks like these:
    Male balls at veg?
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  3. Hi like bunks said.... need pics ... if balls then worry but cant see on pics ya sent love xxx
  4. Deff will tomarrow when I'm off
  5. They usually show sex at about 8 weeks of age or so. But you've got to look down into the plant to be able to tell. They look healthy though far looking pretty good. TWW
  6. Sorry here are some more pics !!! Took today

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