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any tats ya wanna share

Discussion in 'General' started by Luvdabuddah, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. do ya have any kool tats ya wanna share? i have 5 altogether! want more but the man says :eek: too many now!

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  2. thats a kewl tatoo.... my friend has dragon wings across the top of his back..its so tight! 7 hours streight in the chair!!!
  3. What a cool tat! I think mine's more cute than cool, but here it is... :)

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  4. now this one took forever....dude was a chatter box :smoke:
    but was worth it i think is kool!

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  5. i thought this was the "anyone got any tits they wanna show thread....sorta a let down.....but cool tat, how long was the first one?
  6. i got mine in middle of june:

    hmms... it appears i deleted the picture, oh well...

    its Tribal, in the shape of a cross between my shoulder blades, its about 7 inches from top to bottom, but its not a cross (im not religous) just a picture.
  7. shadE: how much did that cost & how long did it take to doo?
  8. the peace sign one only took bout 30 mins the dolphins took like 4 1/2 hours i got those two about a week apart 3 years ago then i got this one in between both of them on my back this one only took like 20 mins...

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  9. Gangamom~ just do it gf!!! i got 5 and have 3 more planned... they are definitely addictive~ but this is one addiction that's actually LEGAL!!! lmao!

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  10. Cat in the hat would totally flood the bowl.
  11. thats some awesome work there IGF!! nice coloring and detail

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  12. Here is 1 of my tattoos:

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  13. i think that when i get a tattoo ill get one on my bicep like a chain, one on my chest like a sun, and another one on my back which is big, that is REALLY FUCKING COOL
  14. WOW ME TOO ^^^

    EEhh what?
  15. good good when drunk !!

    when you get a a tatt when your drunk... you bleed like a stuck pig..... the alcohol thins your blood.... so ya bleed more, an thats not good....
  16. here are my wifes, hehe

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  17. wow. that is really nice. and unique as well. nice job.
  18. mines

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  19. awesome tats guys! I had pics of my other 2...till my PC crashed yesterday and I lost everything... including my tunes :(

  20. I heard you bleed more for the same reason if you are stoned too. I'm not sure if its true, for i always went sober.

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