Any T5 Pros Out There?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dddsba, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hi, Growers - Thanks for all your responses to my inquiries so far...I'm researching lighting. I'm a patient in CA and want to set up a grow room. Due to the age of the building I rent in (100 years old) I want to keep my lights cool for safety, although I could see myself evolving to a HPS in the future...for right now, my task is to get 3 plants to maturity and I'd like to start with a T5 system to start.


    1) Can I get plants from seedling to maturity using a rotation of different strength lights (i.e., 6500k bulbs for vegging and 3000k bulbs for flowering)?

    2) If so, how many bulbs should be used for this amount of plant material (3 seedlings). Should I get a fixture that holds 4 or 8 bulbs?

    3) I don't have strains chosen yet, but smaller-bushier ones have been recommended for this lighting system...supplement flowering w/ CFL's? If so, any recommendations on strength and models.

    IF YOU ARE A T5 USER, I could really use your input...thanks very much! :confused:
  2. Flouro's for flowering? :eek:(

    If you can see yourself evolving to HPS in the future, save yourself from a dissapointing first grow and try a 400W HPS to start with. Just use a good Hood and fan and heat/fire will not be an issue.

    Sorry I didnt give you any info on t5's :(

    What kind of budget are you on, and how big is your grow space?

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