Any Swifty fans here?

Discussion in 'General' started by HelloFriend, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. First I would like to mention that I dont play WoW... but I love watching his videos on Youtube... I mean his swiftyirl channel. I think I started watching them hmm a long time ago.... The first time I saw his videos, I knew this was something new for me and tottaly awsome. I dont why and how, but watching his everyday life gives me so much positive energy to move on in life, never give up etc... He is like one of my idols, whos life I would love to live in the future...
    and I wont mind if u aint a fan... not everyone likes everyone, but yeah, was just thinking to ask.
  2. no but really I would like to know :D and even if u dont know him , I would be more then happy to introduce his videos to you guys... just wanna share posiitive vibes... maybe it helps some other people here aswell

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