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  1. Hey guys I really want to get into surfing, it looks really fun. I have never surfed before(I boogie board sometimes), what are some good boards that I can look into since I want to start when the summer comes.

    By the way I am pretty good at riding skate boards, so will that help me out in surfing or is it a whole different feel.
  2. Try craiglist for some boards. There's usually people that never use their boards looking for quick cash. If not, look at ALL the surf shops around and ask the employees there for assistance. You could probably even haggle some.

    How tall are you and how much do u weight? Where do you live? All these factors come into play when looking for a board.

    Skateboarding skills can definitely translate into surfing skills, its all about your core and balancing ability.
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    I am about 5'8 5'9 and I weight roughly 150 pounds currently live in Jville, Florida

    I also take trips to Orlando and The Keys
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    Get a short board, jax is a nice beach. Just ask a local surf shop guy about what shape of board will fit you and your riding style. How much you lookin to spend on ur board?
    You ever been to the Gulf? Fuckin beautiful out there

    Pretty sure there are no waves in the Keys, ever lol...Unless you have a boat to tow you or a hurricane. Check out sebastian, Next time youre goin down south.
  5. I want something in the 150 - 200 range, just looking at the surf boards their expensive as hell. I hear short boards are pretty hard to learn on for beginners.

    Someone said I should get a "fun board". not really sure what that is though.
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    Short boards are hard but you wont be a beginner for long.

    A fun board would be around 7' and taller, they are thicker and a lot more buoyant than shortbrd. They have a laidback feel, much like a long board but you can still manuever it easily. So its like a short and long board combined.

    Its totally up to u what board you want. If you really wanna get into surfing, like surfing 3x week all year, i'd recommend a shortboard. You'll get really good, fast. It's a lifelong sport so you can just try it out, see what you like best.

    Myself, i have a shortbrd and funboard. The funboard i just take it out to fuck around and catch every wave. i can only use my shortboard when its crazy out.

    If you can only spend $200 definitely check that craiglist. surf shops have used boards too. Also, some shops might be nice enough to let you take the boards for a test run.
  7. So short boards can only be used really if the waves get crazy? In that case I should go with the fun board then. I want something I can use regardless of wave conditions. Although I would like maximum maneuverability though and like to get good really fast.

    Idk i'll borrow my friends surf board and test them out and see what works for me.

    Thanks for all the information man, really helped.
  8. Yeh man been surfing since I was little. I live in the area you should check out the surf station2 in st augustine really good selection of used boards in all price ranges.

  9. I am actually going there sometime around next week! I'll be sure to check it out thnaks dude!
  10. go for a fun-board or a longboard. basically you want something very buoyant so you can get the basics of paddling and balance down. learning on a shortboard is near impossible. orlando does not have ocean, therefore no waves. also the keys probably only get waves when there are hurricanes, and i wouldnt reccommend learning on those type of waves lol.

    you will probably find that it is nothing like skateboarding, the balance is totally different. while skateboarding is often more of a nose to tail balance, surfing is more of a rail to rail balance.(the rails of a surfboard are the sides, fyi).

    with all that said, surfing is the best outdoor activity in my opinion. it is the basis to all board sports, so learning it will only make you better at everything else! have patience, practice a lot, its an easy sport to progress in:)
  11. Im no expert: Skip the fun board, they are for people who want to try surfing but not very athletic imo. If you aren't sure you will stick with it rent a funboard for a day, but dont buy one. Get yourself a cheap longboard, 200$ max, no point getting anything too nice if your learning, surfboards are fragile. You could find a fish around 6'5' and longer and be alright, but do not buy a "shortboard" which I would say is 6 foot or less for your size. This of course is never having surfed Fl, I am under the impression that waves are small most of the time, so talking with a local about size would be the best idea. Most importantly go as often as possible, once a month will not be enough to really get into it.

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