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  1. Hey all, So I have this girl in day 17 of flower, Been noticing she is just becoming the runt. She is def flowering, just not sure what to do to save her. 69221006550__EAF016F4-180E-4B7C-9D42-F54D73BCAAB9.JPG
  2. Tops looking yellow could indicate a deficiency in a non-mobile nutrient. Hard to tell just from a pic though. Good luck.
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  3. What's wrong with it? Cant expect every plant to grow the same. You'll have runts, why it's best to start more than you need and discard the smaller ones.
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  4. I’d chalk it up to genetics. It doesn’t look like anything is going on with it. Is it an auto?
    I’ve grown 4 of one strain that have been perfect, the last one I did started it’s stretch and just never really stopped, lol. It’s about 5 feet tall and 3 foot around. Damn genetics
    You’ve made it this far, I would just grow her out if she’s not taking up space and get what ya can off her
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  5. I’ll except it as being bad genetics, a buddy is having fun and I get to test the results. I did use soil with mold in it, so I hope that didn’t play a factor.
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    Mold is good, means microbial life

    Personally I wouldn't label a shorter plant as bad genetics. Maybe you've heard the comparison of plants and people as their all different. Two sisters one could be taller doesn't mean the shorter one has bad genetics. Many factors can play into different outcomes. Bad genetics imo are bud production or plants that tend to hermie. A shorter plant could just be a cross and showing its indica side, doesn't mean it's bad genetics just means its crossed.
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  7. I'd suggest you water less. Standing water in your saucer could lead to a number of issues. Topping a plant,especially indica leaning varieties will shorten flowering stretch.

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