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  1. Any suggestion on what I should do before and while flowering?

    Trellis netting?
    Let just keep growing?
    Prune or trim plant?
    Flush the soil?


    My plants

    Types: GG#4-animal cookies-

    Light: t5 4' 6 bulbs fluorescent @ 5" above canopy 18/6

    Humidity: 45

    Temperature: 72 light off 78 light on

    Plant training: topped and lst

    Plant height: 12"

    Nutrients: foxfarm

    Soil: organic foxfarm in 4 gallon pots

    Watering: ro water then nutrients than to water! 6.4 plant runoff

    Plants are healthy and bushy

    Week 11 from seed

  2. Prettt even canopys and obviously you aren't growing bushes so i think the scrog is unnecessary, but i would defoliate a tiny bit before flowering or keep tucking all the way through so you can get nice light to the popcorn get the most bang for your buck and i hope you can like add some height in the tent idk turn it on its side? Cause 5in isnt enough for the stretch and buds. Unless you tie those bad larrys down 3-4 inches

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  3. I have like 20" to play with!! First week of flower

  4. Getting really bushy don't know what I should do!! Will post pics tonight when they wake

  5. I wouldn't worry about The Bush. If you have 12 inch plants and 20 inches to play with you're gonna run out of room
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  6. Update!!! Day 5 of flowering!

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  7. Looking really bushy!! What should I do???

  8. Should I prune?

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  9. If you are I'd do it before the 2 week period or before you start getting a ton of pistils.

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  10. Should I cut off all the small branches??

  11. Only the wicked tiny ones smaller than the tip of your pinky. The medium size ones will stretch amd make okay size buds.

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  12. Ok Sounds good to me

  13. Ok week 3 flowering
    What’s should I do!! Should I cut the smaller branches???

  14. How much space between your canopy and your lighting?

    You may want to seriously start thinking about Low Stress Training and now if you're running out of space at all.

    It will be worth it for you to Google this.

  15. start training those branches. Height will be a likely issue. I'd super crop or train the girls before it gets to late

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