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  1. My guess is this is botyrus my garden is pretty pest free no caterpillars, but it has been high humidity with temps in the high 70's during the days rained between 1/10 and 1//25 of an inch every day for 15 days I cut every effected branch off below the melted area and sprayed spectracide if anyone has a better idea what this is and how to handle it I am all ears[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Bud rot
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  3. BUD ROT DUDE! Growers worst nightmare, the best thing to do is cut the stems that have the rot asap! It spreads really fast, I had it once but I managed to stop it in my next grow, the reason I got bud rot was because of my night time temps were below 18degrees Celsius where budrot thrives, now I've added a heated to my indoor garden it's managed to cure it. Your in a different situation because your growing outside all the best though bro
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  4. Thanks for the info I am trying to rig up a 48 inch fan and hope my weather will return to normal only about 10 branches out of several hundred were affected

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  5. Spectracide is for insect control, not bud rot. I certainly wouldn't smoke anything you've sprayed with that chemical.

    This is a good product for fungal infections/etc. Works on boytris (bud rot), PM, and other shit that fucks us up.

    hope ya figure it out. Keep a watchful eye on your other plants. I'd chop out anything that has it and try to cut your losses. It can spread like be on it

    good luck!
  6. Gotcha. Never seen/used that product to comment. Kinda worrysome to me that it says it can't be washed off.

    Hope you figure something out.......
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  7. If you need pesticides or fungicides look up organic stuff. You dont want to be smoking chemicals.
  8. Me too! Thank you for your help. I am sure this funk is environmental it has rained here for 15 days between a tenth and a quarter inch every day and been foggy/misty between showers which is not the norm for August usually triple digits 30 percent humidity. Sun is shining today though mid 90's temp predicted for next few days thanks again
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  9. Gold 46 thanks for the in put I hated to use that stuff and only sprayed leaves and bud sights that had been chopped because of infection. problem is I am in a really rural area so I was afraid the Internet shipping time would have allowed the rot to get ahead of me
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  10. I believe you want greencure.

    Green Cure Solutions GF8OZ Greencure Fungicide, 8 oz

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