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  1. Hello everyone, I'm kind of new to this so I will start at the beginning in the hope that someone may be able to help me.

    I am trying to grow a combination of BubbleGummer and Barneys Blue Cheese from cuttings and up until now everything had been going well.

    Cuttings were propagated for 2-3weeks in a heated propagator and then potted up into small pots. I am using canna coco as my medium and have been feeding them on a combination of Green root fuse and Formulex followed by Ionic coco grow, I have followed the Ionic schedule to the letter and after around 10 weeks all looked healthy so I decided to pot up.

    Plants are now located in a sealed room, with 2 x 1000w dual spectrum parabolic lamps, 10" ruck extraction fan with carbon filter, 6" ruck in fan and a combination of various sized desk fans to circulate the air.
    The room sits at about 25-30c with a humidity of around 30.

    They are now living in Easy To Grow 2 pot Modules in a combination of coco and pearlite with a 2cm clay ball bottom. In order to let them settle in they were given 2 weeks hand watering with firstly a 1.8 ec and 5.8 pH Ionic coco grow mix. I noticed that they appeared to be looking a little yellow and slightly wilting so I took some advice from a local grow shop. He advised that a Nitrogen supplement would help. I tried this and with a combination of Canna Nitrogen supplement and coco grow, 1.8ec, 5.8pH I watered them again. This seemed to make a difference and the plants were starting to look healthier. At this point they were switched into flower with a 12on 12off light cycle.

    A couple of Days have passed and I am noticing that the general health of the plants is deteriorating.
    I am unsure as to what the problem may be and would be grateful of any advice.
    I have attached some photos to see if anyone has any ideas.

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