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  1. was good mj doing my first indoor grow with some white widow seeds.....i was wondering!!!!!! im trying to grow some really gud shit after the harvest of my first wife ms.white widow....but i cnt find there a good site i can buy some good ass seeds without worrying about getiing caught...???? I stay in florida so ya that makes it even more harder...

    Any suggestions from anyone in my situation or similar or any pro's wanna help me out
  2. Check out the seed bank section. There are a number of good seed banks to order from. Theres always the chance that when ordered by mail that they can get siezed by customs, if that happens they will replace the seeds with a letter saying they were siezed and thats pretty much it. If you go with gaurenteed shipping some seed banks will ship you new seeds.
  3. I ordered 5 bubbleicious and 5 blue mystic all autodlowers from Nirvana seed shop about 2 days ago,but I've heard good things and I only paid 75 stealth shipping included,I personally like the single seed site,its exactly what it sounds like you can order 1 seed or a 100 different ones and they give free female seeds if you spend 30$ or more.
  4. Attitude -- got my seeds quickly and without any problems.
  5. iight preciate wouldnt be a problem shippin it to fl..???? would i have to ship it to another address cuz i was thinking bout sending it to my house..and thats were my grow site that a bad thing to do???????
  6. I just ordered them to my house where I'm growing... I was terrified to do it but decided to bite the bullet and went through with it. Got here with no problems, and I think the worst you can expect is a letter. I doubt the DEA is gonna follow every package with a couple seeds in it to the shipping address. Should be fine having it shipped to Florida, unless they inspect all domestic packages too there?
    The main reason why I didn't send the seeds to someone else's place is 1. then they'd have to know about the grow, and also get the package without any of their housemates knowing and 2. I didn't want to put that kind of heat (whatever there may be) on one of my friends.
  7. I live in Florida and have had no problem getting seed from attitude
  8. If you order seeds online and they don't arrive in the time they're supposed to: abort, or at least tighten up your security.
  9. i feel yhu @mister but yyea i am terrified to do it but fuk it imma try it....wats the dankest seeds you all would reccomend???? or whats the best one
  10. Honestly I just went buy the names that I thought sounded cool haha (and weren't ridiculously expensive). I bought some purple wreck seeds (I love trainwreck and purple wreck just sounded too interesting to not get) during the bday promo and ended up getting like 6 other strains for free. My point is you should just get a variety (you'll still get some freebies even though the bday promo is done), they have a little list of 'most popular' or 'recommended' or something on the site too, all of which I'm sure are good strains
  11. You can wait till April 20 and by from Attitude .Why wait is because they'll have promotion ( on that day )and you can get bunch of free seeds . Also when buying from Attitude use discount code 420 to get 10% off .Good luck.

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