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    :smoking:.....okay wassup my fellow mj brothers and/or doing a lil indoor project in my closet...its kind of a nice setup...i have a 36 x 20 x 64 grow tent with a single 6 inch booster duct fan.....i have a gud amount of 27 w cfl light bulbs which is kinda bright from walmart...hanging over a 72 cell germination kit.....but i only have about 10 seeds in the middle of it....i have a couple ones that has sprouted...about 6 but i think there kinda growing a lil slow..there going on the 3rd week and the tallest one is about 3" with about two sets of leaves..the others with one set including the round ones...i have them on a 18/6 light cycle still new to this so im wondering if im doin everything right...i have the temp set at 80 ....sum of my baby leaves are drooping dwn a lil ... wat do i do?????im also mixing nutrients with the water.....

    Sorry i cnt provide a picture right now

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