any suggestions on my setup?

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  1. The watering system I made today with PVC and ez-clone sprayers (I will paint the bucket lid)

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  2. No one? Anything helps
  3. You don't have enough room for your plants to grow. I'm assuming these are flowering, and they haven't been flowering for too long. They will get twice to three times the size during the flowering period. They will be crammed in there so much that you will likely have very little light through the leaves to penetrate the lower part of the plants. Air circulation is another problem when you are confining the plants like that.

  4. Hey looking good! I like your watering system .
    I think 3 plants in there can be little bit too tight , but they will survive . Speaking of head room if your tent is about 6 ft high then you might be ok ,but if you start running out of headroom then just do supercroping .:wave:
    P.S.If you can turn your pictures vertical so we do not have to brake our necks looking at some of them:wave:
  5. Hahah sorry I uploaded with the gc app, ill keep it in mind next time! But they are in final week of veg, I have 7 feet of head room so I think I'm good (I hope) but I think it is going to be very crowded in the next two months, maybe a lil pruning will help?

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