any suggestions for beginner/stealth indica strain

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  1. anyone have any suggestions for an indica strain that should be grown for beginners that have these traits.

    1. Stealth/short and fat
    2. short period from seed to harvest/autoflower
    3. potent couchlock high, thc% 20 or more
    4. for outdoor growing
    5. easy and forgiving to grow
    6. 8-9 hours of direct sunlight

    how about afghan kush ryder from world of seeds?
  2. any at all ?
  3. Nothing that auto flowers will be 20% grow NL5
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    I dont know what you mean 20%.

    also u mean NLxhaze 5 from sensi ?

  5. is there a sticky thread for strains for beginners?

    I would like to do an auto and a regular, so I can harvest my auto fast for some good smoke, and harvest the regular obviously later for more smoke. but they need to be stealth indica strains. short and possibly low odor for outdoors.
  6. sensi nl5 is good but I like the High Grade Seeds NL5 it is soooo easy
  7. G45 ment by the 20% that you wont find an auto with 20% THC...hell they will say whatever but those autos don't come close. NL#5 is a great strain for a beginning...VERY easy to grow, Pure Gold is another easy grower...the dutch have made growing their strains pretty easy...most strains a beginner could grow only a few on the open market and landraces are difficult for beginners.

    Im not really a big fan of Indica's but Afghan's are good, Maple Leaf Indica from Sensi...just take a look around the seed banks.

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