Any suggestions? Eliminate 2.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 20fan, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Sensi Star
    Jack Herer
    White Rhino
    Hindu Kush
    The Hog

    Here is my situation. I've got a grow room for 12-14 plants. I have a White Rhino and Hindu Kush in veg. in my Mother closet (room for 3 plants). They will stay moms. I took clones from a Jack Herer before I put it in the main room to flower.I also have 1 Hog and 1 rhino flowering too. I'm supposed to be getting a Sensi Star clone this weekend. Next month I will attempt my 1st big grow. (12-14 plants)

    I only have room for 3 mothers. Of the above 5. Which 2 would you let go?

    Right now, I definately want to continue with the Hindu kush, and I'll probably want to stick with the Sensi Star because I've heard nothing but great things about it.

    I have access to clones from the Hog.

    The guy I get them from is only going to grow a few more crops so he has been great with the clone sharing.
  2. The Hog

    i absolutely love jack herer white rhino and any variety ending in kush. haha. and sensi star is a favorite of many i know. i am not familiar with "the hog" if you could describe the high, its growth habbits, its genetic background anything like that would help paint a picture in my head.

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