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  1. I know this will be a lot to read without visual aids so if anybody does read this please forgive me...I don't have a scanner to upload my plans. I will be heading to my local mega hardware store in the next couple of days to buy the materials for my grow box/room and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions before I started. I am working with a walk-in closet and will be building into a corner of the closet a grow box. The dimensions are 3' by 3' and 7 feet tall. I plan on building a wooden frame with two of the 4 sides up against the corners leaving two exposed. The remaing sides will have removable walls made up of thick sheets of cardboard (courtesy of wal-mart's pet section, they use them on the bottom of pet food pallets) that will be fastened on by a complete surrounding of velcrow on the frame. The floor will be wood covered with mylar and the top will have 2 hooks for (my 400w hps/mh) which will be screwed onto the frame for a complete seal. For ventilation I have decided to go with two 9 inch high velocity fans, one on the bottom for intake and the other on top for exaust. Both will be connected to a removable wall via air duct tubing shaped at a curb to help reduce loss of light. Everything will be covered with mylar all the way down to the tops of my Bubble Buckets. I plan on using a remote thermometer with the sensor in the box so I can get a quick read without constanly opening it up. My apartment is equiped with a heater/air conditioner if temprature manipulation is required. Haven't thought about humidity control (if it's needed)...maybe you can help. This will be a one time grow (for now) and don't require seperate space for clones or whatever. The box can be expanded up to twice the size if needed but I only plan on growing about 3-4 femenized plants. Hoping to yield enough to cover the cost of the box...which isn't really expensive. For personal use only...not looking to get a massive amount as this is my first time and I don't sell anyways. Oh yeah, fresh air will be brought into the walkin closet via box fan. Uh...I'm sure there are some things I missed but you can pose any questions to me if anybody bothers to read this. Any help will be appreaciated. Thanks.
  2. hello? anybody out there?...

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  3. Use paragraphs then maybe people will read
  4. Good point...but no worries anyhow. There is enough crap on here and other places to awnser all my questions...just thought I'd throw a Simpsons style joke in before I left. I'll be back in a month or so with pics...and for all the gramer concious people out there-paragraphs. Thanks man. Later. :wave:
  5. Mickey,
    Your plan sounds good. Keep us posted and updated with some pics.
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    Thanks man, will do.
  7. nice sounding box can't wait to see the finished product and what comes out of it..... make sure you do a journal
  8. damn comedy, checked out your first grow and uh...first you say? Shit, I'd be happy to get a finished product half that good. Sure have spent a crap load of money preparing for mine. PPM/PH meters, buckets, seeds, mylar...this is really starting to add up. Got about 9 books and 8 movies as research and I still don't think I can accomplish what's on your journal. Good Job.
  9. Was kinda hoping to get some more input but I have a feeling that I am ready to build. That and tehre is about 30 other people on here asking for advice for their box...gets old to the veterans I suppose. Gonna build in the next week and start an 18/6 dry cycle just to take note on temps and humidity on different times of the day. I realize that will change once my box is inhabited by plants but I will just have to make adjustments as nessasary. Unfortunatly I won't be starting germination for another month : ( I have to go to San Francisco for a wedding before then and don't wanna leave all my equipment going and the plants all alone for the time I'm gone. It will give me time to do more research and preperations. Still can't decide on seeds. Wanna get something with tried and true genetics (even though this is my first time) so even if I do screw it up Ill at least have crappy good stuff. I'm looking for a good strain that is about 60-70% sativa. Any thougts? By the way I think you will win your contest : )
  10. Yeah man sounds good. Bag seed is always a good way to start that way there is nothing really out of your pocket if they die. Personally I like your choice on 60-70% sativa. Hybrids are great plants in my opinion. Take a look at the Serious Seeds line. It includes Chronic, AK-47, White Russian, Bubble Gum and Cali Mist. They are hybrid plants. Your dry run sounds like a good idea. The heat won't be too different without the plants in the box but the humidity will. Have a good time at the wedding.
  11. Well, I was going to go with feminized seeds, but after reading so many bad reviews about them maybe you have a point. Kali Mist looks nice. I'll just try the 3 seeds to a bucket method as described in the "bubble bucket 101" thread and hope for some females. Thanks again!
  12. Yeah man any time. Those are all good seeds. If you want feminized there is nothing wrong with them. I grew feminized power plant a few times and it was a wonderful strain. Don't count those out either.
  13. Cool man, I thought I read Power Plant was un-stable indoors?...maybe it was Purple Power that said that. I really did wanna use Femenized seeds because I only plan on growing maybe twice a year and didn't wanna deal with making seperate chambers for cloning/sexing. I had a bad acid trip when I was 18 (7 hits of Mickey Mouse in my gums) and ever since then I can't smoke a lot or I get mild "mental flashbacks". It works out ok for me because I save a lot of money but I do miss smoking bowl after bowl you know? Just tired of supporting the drug dealers around here. They aren't the cool layed back kind of dealers that you can be friends with. You literally have to go down the the bad part of this tiny town and flash your lights at random people until you find some shady character to take your money and come back an hour later with crap. If I can get at least 2 o's out of these plants then that should last me (and I know this is laughable) about 6 months. Thanks for the reasurance.
  14. Hey SMKNVTEC,

    I went back and looked at Power Plant and it seems to be perfect for me. Yes, I know I should use bag seed, but if I go the name brand route it will definitly be Power Plant. Thanks for bringing it to my attention man, thanks for lookin' out.

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