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any strains someone recomend for post stroke recovery

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by PotatoBry, Nov 17, 2022.

  1. hi im searching for a strain that would benefits my rehabilitation, i curently go for o.t and physio to recover my paralized side curently i am able to walk with an Afo, my arm and hand are the big work in progress
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  2. I'm no doctor, but I would think you want to stay away from sativa's. A pure indica, or indica hybrid (at least 80% indica) would probably be better, as it (for me anyways) lowers blood pressure and generally keeps you much calmer and relaxed. Based on my experiences and past grows, if I had to choose a strain to aide in post recovery, I would pick blackberry kush, It's got high THC, very indica dominant, and yields very dense buds (no problem getting at least 4oz dry per indoor plant (@200 actual watts) or more if you use a more powerful light.). Hope that helps you out.
  3. Was yours a "bleeding stroke"? If so I wouldn't smoke. Please Google or talk to a Dr to learn the risks. Much better than asking random stoners, like me, ya know.

    If not a bleeding stroke, and with your doctors ok, I'd still be really careful and probably stick to cbds, and in edibles. Smoking anything is not good after a stroke. Best of luck man.
  4. no mine was a clot
  5. Dr David Allen, Retired heart surgeon has some info on the heart and cannabis etc... look him up
  6. I can be of help .

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