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  1. Hello everyone! Post any stories that you've heard or were a part of. Life is full of moments that are worth sharing, like the saying goes we don't remember the days we remember the moments. So everyone go ahead and share events that you feel are worth sharing. Hell go ahead and use this thread to write out a full novel of moments and memories if you want! Lets fill this thread up with a treasure trove of memories. So one day we can all look back on it and reminisce in our shared stories and discover those of others.  

  2. Considering this is my first thread I believe I'll share the story of my first time smoking the incredible herb. I was in 7th grade at the time so I must have been around 12 or 13. Prior to this experience I had smoked a small amount of weed I found in my dads garage(had been there for god knows how long. Not much of an effect from it at all.) So its almost spring time, towards the end of I believe February. It had been unusually warm for that part of the year. I remember foliage starting to come back already. That's quite rare for northern Ohio towards the end of February. But it's a Saturday night and me and my friend who I had known for a few years at that point decided to go bowling. I didn't end up using all the money my parents gave me for it(remember when your parents used to hand you money? wasn't that nice haha.) So I had ten dollars left over and my friend suggested we get some bud, I was all for it considering my last few attempts at getting any didn't end up going through for various reasons. So we try to get in touch with the person he knew and we couldn't. Well he ended up crashing at my house that night and the next day when we got up he checked his phone and had a missed call from the person we had tried to get a hold of the night before. So my friend called him back and asked if he could roll us up two bones and we'd be by in a little bit to pick them up. Guy says alright and we embark on our journey. We walk across town which is only about a mile and he goes inside and grabs the bones. At first we were just going to go back to my house and smoke but we decide to head somewhere closer. Not too far away is park that isn't really much of a park. Just a shelter house a walking trail through part of the woods and then the rest is just, nature. We go back a ways to a old stone slab that sits on a path that connects to an abandoned junk yard. Sit down, pull out the first joint and light it up. I cough my ass off on the first hit but don't really feel much at first. So we finished off that joint and decided to save the other one for later because one of our friends had called and asked if we wanted to chill. So as we're walking back out of this woods I can feel something slight, been to long to explain what that experience felt like. But the one that came next is one I will never forget. We exit the woods and start walking down the road towards our friends house. All of the sudden, I couldn't stop smiling I had a grin plastered on my face for now reason. And then came the enhancement of color, As we walked down that road I couldn't help but feel at peace with all of nature and everything seen and unseen. Color took on a completely different perspective. Everything was just vivid, real. We get to his house and go inside. We take a seat on the couch and watch some futurama. I couldn't help but laugh my ass off for no reason. This continued until I got up and went into the kitchen where a few more people were. Since my friends parents and sister weren't home we decided to go smoke some more bud since they had a little bit and we still had the other joint left. The joint was lit as was a ceramic steamroller that was made in art class that someone had. Its safe to say I was blitzed off my ass at this point. Don't just miss those highs without a tolerance? Man them were the days. Those highs were something else. I ended up catching a ride home later from a friend and proceeded to munch down everything in sight. Feel asleep that Sunday night like a baby. The Monday after is the only Monday I can ever remember enjoying. That day started my life long love of the sweet sweet mary jane. Now its your turn to share any story you like! Thanks for reading everyone. Peace, Pot and Positive Vibes.
  3. Idk man, this thread has some potential, but if a story is worth sharing it'll probably get it's own thread for the most part. We'll just have to see how it goes.

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