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Any stoners from Argentina?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CannabisMarshal, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. So are there any agentinean stoners in the house? Buenos Aires?
  2. Yeah man... I was just there visiting family for 3 weeks. I live in the us though
  3. Yeah i have just moved to Buenos Aires, looking to grow out here as well! Havent found the weed to be of that good a standard so far...
  4. going to buenos aires in a month!! havent been there in so is the bud over there anyone kno?...last time i was there i never smoked but now ive been smoking for over 6 years...i really hope i can find a good connect or else my stay wont be as enjoyful :(
  5. [quote name='"primo914"']anybody?[/quote]

    weed is not america style... it is mostly chemical shwagg shit.. find a good connect that is the key, oh yea and dont get ripped off
  6. im hoping that my cuzzin has a connect..when i was there long ago they looked at weed as if it was a bad thing,well i was younger and still havent discovered the herb but now i love it and would love to blow it down over there
  7. Yeah my friend is but he lives here in the US
  8. any1 else?
  9. Always wanted to go to Argentina.
  10. I live in Paraguay but I frequently visit Buenos Aires!! Haven't smoked any bud from there yet. All my shit I get from Posadas.

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