Any stoners fluent in German?

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  1. I'm taking a German class at Western Michigan University right now, but the teacher is absolutely terrible and I haven't learned much from her. If anyone on here is fluent, or pretty good at speaking German and would like to help me out now and then (aim?email?) I would be so grateful. So come on, where are the German speaking stoners?
  2. nu ska ni fla horra gott folk
  3. Ich habe Marihuana rauchen gern.
  4. Sure my msn/email is in my contact info... pm me if you have any help. I lived in Zürich for several years as my father is Swiss and I learned German there.
  5. hahaha that's swedish man

    "Nu ska ni få höra, gott folk."
  6. Ich bin Dawood, und do?
  7. Ich habe meine penis gebroten :(
  8. sehr hoch :smoke:
  9. Wie al bist du?
  10. Ich bin achtzehn jahre alt. Und du?
  11. Ich bin achtzehn. Wie gates?
  12. Ich kann nichts übersetzen aufgrund der erstaunliche Leistung des Internet. Wenn jemand stört, Übersetzung dieser ich wünsche Ihnen eine phantastische Tag. lange leben und gedeihen kann.

    am i doing it right?
  13. Oh wow...


  14. google translator failed me...
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    Fich diche. I have no idea how to spell, but I was in Germany for a little over a month so I can understand some things and mostly what is being talked about.. Hopefully I will be able to learn more later.

  16. haha i only know that from some trance song lol i thought it was german :p

    whats it mean by the way?
  17. im fluent in a germanic language...
  18. Ich fick dienne mutter, ein guter fick...
  19. You fuck your mother and something something...

    I would say fotzencopf or shlompatitten (spelling probably very wrong) to the ladies to pick them up haha.

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