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  1. is listening to jerry all day today.

    i know i am

    Anyway just want to make a thread where we can all share vibes for a stoner legend, and the most beautiful guitarist of all time.

    8/9/95 the world lost one of its best

    Goin to plant a weeping willow
    On the banks green edge it will grow grow grow
    Sing a lullaby beside the water
    Lovers come and go - the river roll roll roll

    Fare you well, fare you well
    I love you more than words can tell
    Listen to the river sing sweet songs
    to rock my soul

  2. ya um....not a huge fan. and as far as guitar players go.... jerry garcia is not even worth a mention.
  3. depends what you're looking for in music. jerry's a wizard!

    anyway, i listen most days anyway but i'll probably burn one along with some jerry garcia band :smoke:
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    Anyone who would say Jerry Garcia as a guitar player is not worth a mention has probably NEVER listened to him play.

  5. Orly? And i bet miles sucked because he isnt the most technically skilled trumpet player in the world...

    i'd rather see jerry bend one note than any other guitarist hit a thousand, i can think of tons of guitarists who are more technically proficient than jerry, but none of them have his "voice"
  6. ya like i said just not really my thing, dont dislike greatful dead, just prefer very much over it
  7. and no miles is the best
  8. i'm grateful jerry's dead
  9. Not a big fan. Good, legendary, but not my style
  10. it's odd. people seem to have this childish need to jump on the hate jerry bandwagon as if they're constantly subjected to him. i'm not even sure why grateful dead would cross anyones mind ever if they aren't a fan. it's rare for me to even see a bumper sticker.

    whatever. i guess haters are gonna hate.
  11. So amazing, such a loss.


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