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Any Stoner Chefs Out There? Im Not Talking About Edibles Im Talking Cooking

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by onkruid, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. I love to cook when I'm stoned anything soup to nuts.  Anyone else like to get their chef on when stoning??

  2. check out the official munchie pic thread. We turned it into all good cooking type meals.
  3. Yet the very first pic in that post of her's is a full Thanksgiving dinner, all made with herb extracts. There are many more meals in there too.
    So ya, I did read the title. ;-)   :smoke:
    I didnt post the dinner that was someone else.  The only thing I was looking for was people that like to cook...doesn't have to be with the green just like to cook food in general.  I truely enjoy the process of cooking, chopping veg, frying, and just creating "Good Eats" doesn't have to revolve around pot edibles.  Just saying..
    I cook every night, and always make big weekend meals. Sunday dinner was a big tradition when I was growing up and I still carry it on.
    I actually enjoy the first damp, chilly weekends in October cuz it's to crappy to do anything outside so I just cook instead.
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  7. I love to get high, go fishing overnight and cook what I catch on the fire.
    I cook a lot of pancakes too, home or fishing :)
    Today I made a beast lasagne 
  8.  exactly...the first snow storm or hurricane I get I make emergency chilli.  It's chilli in case the power goes out and wanna eat hardy, smoke, and be full of carbs and protein.  I cook almost every night but sometimes I fail because I recently made chicken cacciatore that was horrible ,well that maybe be harsh it was edible but not my best meal, I am truly my own worst critic.
    Heh, me too.
  10. So last nite I made breaded thin ass pork chops they were good with a lil steak sauce...stoner food.  But tonight I'm going healthy.  Roast skinless chicken breast with spinach salad and a nice vinaigrette that I make outa apple cider vin , dijon, and canola oil. What are you making?
  11. I love baking while baking :lol:

    But for real, I like to narrate everything I do and I feel like gotdamn emeril or something.

    Tonight I'm making baked sweet potato fries. Not creative, but it's something different ^_^
  12. Going simple tonight.
    Corn on the cob lightly salted, buttered, wrapped in foil and placed on the grill.
    Chicken legs and thighs, lightly spiced, cooked on a low heat. Then raising the heat and using a thin brushing of honey mustard dijon.
    For the girls some various peppers and mushrooms (their sauce) also wrapped in foil and grill warmed/steamed. :smoke:
    I like both  of these. 
    anybody like to smoke food while smoking
    I like to take a cold sunday and smoke a pork shoulder on my electric smoker.  I mostly use hickory on occasion I use apple or cherry.  All good .  so the question is...???do you smoke while smoking?
    I have seen Emeril do his show live in NYC once very cool stuff.
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    Absolutely! I've wanted to be a chef since I was 12. I have been cooking professionally for ten years. People have no idea what being a chef/cook is really like. Nothing like tv. No gilts and glamor. Just long hours,hard work that is both physically and mentally exhausting.its a labor of love. As much as I hate it sometimes It would be hard to picture myself is any other setting

    Food is my Passion
    Food Is my life.

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  17. Me and my roommate would get stoned and then cook huge feasts for our munchies. Beans and rice with fried pork chops, stir fries, fried ham, french toast, penne al vodka, lamb stew, chicken parm, this peruvian fried rice thing (I know what its actually called but not how to spell it) all kinds of delicious stuff. 

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