Any Stoner Books?

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by Green Ganja, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Any books like Alice In Wonderland that are more enjoyable to read when stoned ? and any doing indirectly or directly of the people stoning in the book and espically anyone that are fantasy ? cause i just finshed Alice In Wonderland and it was great...
  2. Uhh...

    The Hobbit by Tolkien?

    On The Road by Kerouac?

    Doors of Perception by Huxley?

    I dunno, man, I generally prefer reading when I'm not stoned, I find it hard to concentrate on fiction/nonfiction. The only thing I do really love reading when I'm chonged is poetry, so I'd recommend you get selected verse of William Blake (I have the complete writings, it's huge but my god its totally amazing)
  3. thanks man. latly i have been reading comic books high (Green Lantern is awesome) and it mkaes me wish it was real espiacally when i m super baked.

    i was actually thinking about the Hobbit today.

    any of them where they kinda are way too fantasyish like theres purple huge shrooms growing in the wild ? or any like almost sci-fi stuff but not super duper nerd sci fi that good ?

    and i might just look into some more Carroll's work and see if he has any good ones besides alice in wonderland...
  4. Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson

    The Electric Kool Aid Acid Test - Tom Wolfe
  5. Shit yeah how could I forget Fear and Loathing? :eek:

    I think Carroll was a bit of a one hit wonder but I don't actually know much about him.

    Oh and if you haven't already you should read the Crow comic-novels. Especially the original.
  6. childhoods end - arthur c. clarke - great sci fi book about aliens coming to earth. its not the story line i expected and there is some great plot twists.

    lord of the flies - william golding - kids get lost on an island and have to survive for themselves. makes me think about society at large and how people treat eachother.

    walden - henry david thoreau - a guy lives in the woods and thinks about stuff.

    the hobbit is a great book, i liked it more than the 3 actual lord of the ring books. i heard the smiliarion (sp?) is a good book also. read the harry poitter books, i heard they are sweet and theres like 7 books.
  7. Childhood's End.

    That is THAT.

  8. [quote name='Maitereya']
    lord of the flies - william golding - kids get lost on an island and have to survive for themselves. makes me think about society at large and how people treat eachother.
    I strongly oppose reading this book high I think that it is just to fucked up to read stoned I read it in 8th grade it still gives me the willies

    you should read the marvel cival war comic books they are tight
  9. All psychology books are fascinating to me stoned.
  10. The Adept Series by Piers Anthony is really good read. Kinda light and funny but all of it in a sci fi/fantasy kind of setting.
  11. anyone see Hairy Pothead and the Weed stone (not sure on the stone part) and i saw it in Canabis culture is it real or fake ? cause they had a few chapters in it . and it was pretty tight cause it was excatly like Harry Potter and the Sorrcers stone but instead of magic it was pot... i loved it i hope its real but something tells me no...
  12. teh dharma bums, Kerouac!
  13. Beat me too it. Desolation Angels by Kerouac is also wild, also anything by Bradbury.... S is For Space, I Sing The Body Electric, The Martian Chronicles. Then there is the god, Oscar Wilde, The Picture Of Dorian Grey.
  14. hha, yah, a bunch of other ppl beat me to really great books!
    might I suggest something by either Nietzsche, Plato or my personal favorite, Voltaire.
  15. Just keep leafing through Hunter S. Thompson works.
  16. Calvin and Hobbes, definitly.
    And I highly recommend Fool on the Hill by Matt Ruff, fantasy based like you asked. Really good stuff.
  17. im looking into reading some really intresting books on psychology and phylosophy. i like to read books about stuff like that you know stuff that the goverment doesnt really want us to know or read
  18. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - AWESOME sci-fi read, seriously check it out
    The Stranger by Albert Camus - I read it one day when I had in school suspension and was REALLY blazed and it changed my life. It's really weird but if you like to think a lot then it

  19. i agree, great combination of humor, social commentary and beautiful watercolors of dinosaurs and space aliens

    Franz Kafka - The Metamorphosis and Other Stories

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