Any stable high yielding strains?

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  1. Link some stable high yielding strains for me to check out.
    Im looking for a perpetual strain to grow that consistently yields high
  2. Does it matter the "high" it gives? or just as long as it yields high?
  3. Looking for yield mainly but a decent effect as well
  4. you have a grow and flower room or you wanting to do autos?

    Thats it....i wont ask anymore questions..:hide:
  5. Veg and flower tents yes. I wouldnt cross out autos if they produce what I need them to.
  6. I see you are a well known member....but I don't "know you or your grow setup" but all I grow is autos and I love them! Depending on what kind of lights you use....if you did could have BOTH tents going all at once and then have a MASSIVE harvest 70 days later!
  7. Which autos do you run?
    I have two 5x5 tents
    My lights are 1000w hid's but I'll be upgrading to two HLG600's soon.

    How many autos would you do under 1 HLG600 in a 5x5?
  8. OHH MAN....I WISH I was getting those in my room soon!!!

    It you heavily train yours? I try to LST my autos by bending and tying em to get an even canopy ...and alot of autos get decently big...but they would LOVE that would get some AWESOME COLA's with that!! You can out my current grow journal really quick to see a pic of one of my girls I have going now at day 30 from is one of my older ones I DIDNT LST at the beginning so I just opened her up yesterday...

    Grow journal - ILGM - White Widow Auto

    that floor its on is from a 3x3 if you grow em like that...not many....if you sog....well, you
  9. Ya they are awesome lights. Would you say 3 pounds per tent is possible running 1 hlg600 in a 5x5 and using autos?

    How many would you run? And in what size tent?
    Also yes I would definetley lst and tie them down for sure.
  10. I don't have links but I would recommend White Widow or AK47. Old school name and they're both like growing easy mode with monster colas. I grew the largest colas I've grown with White Widow and the plants were hearty. Hard to screw up. AK47 has a similar reputation.
  11. Try Northern Skunk by peak seeds. Crazy plants I grew 4 and they were like 3 feet high after 1.5 month veg. Then I flipped got 2 females 2 Male and they grew so high I had to weigh the main colas down with heavy objects and rope lol. I got around half a pound from those 2 about 3.5 months from seed. Pretty damn potent too surprisingly I used a 450w and 300 w led about 350 actual watts together. Here's a picture of one of the 3 main colas. 20190202_123854.jpg 20190125_234011.jpg
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  12. With those lights and the right genetics....yeah, I think that is definitely possible. What medium do you grow in?
    I was thinking 6 plants in 7 gallons...making that 8oz a would be close..... @Tbone Shuffle know these lights WAY better than I....what would you say for plant count in a 5x5 with those lights hes getting?

    Yeah I have white widow going now and its gonna be a decent harvest I think
  13. I've been using happy frog for every grow. But if I can pull 3 pounds per 5x5 I will be hitting what I need to hit
  14. Autos in 7 gallon pots? Never heard of that before
  15. Yeah...apparently majority of the word for pot size for autos are still stuck "in the past" in my opinion...I personally use 5 gallons....but my plants could EASILY use a 7 gallon.....EASY!

    ESPECIALLY the ones that go 85 or 90 days
  16. Nice, so you think 6 autos in 5 gals of happy frog under the HLG600 can yield 3 pounds ? Damn that seems steep
  17. I think it would be would still need 3 per tent even with the faster turn around time of autos?
  18. Do you plant directly into 5 gals or do you transplant
  19. Directly in 5 gallon
  20. With all that said though....i have seen,probably more times than not, people who are used to growing photos....their first auto plant doesn't turn out too well.....I don't know why...I dunno if they "baby" them with feedings and training cuz they are autos or what..
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