Any "Spoiled" College Students here?

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  1. By spoiled I just meen get money when needed. Highschool kids are welcome to post too. Im curious. I was feelin sorta down this morning and I thought about how good I have it, I pretty much get a little money if I ask for it, and im not rich by any meens, my dad works as a construction worker, mom works at a deli, just an average middle class family. I drive a pretty shitty 98' car, it upsets me all the fuckin highschool kids that have beamers and shit.
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    I am!

    *rest of post trying to justify it*
  3. I consider myself an adult and don't really ask my parents for money ever. It's not that they aren't well off, just that I have a job that pays well and there is no need to ask mom and pop.

    I left the nest 3 years ago and am doing just fine.
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    Honestly, I think I am pretty spoiled. I can get money if I need it, but I dont really shop much, or spend much anyways, that includes weed. I have a car, ect. I guess a lot of kids that I knew in high school with mercs and beamers were drug dealers, or their parents probably were, however I do know some that got a job at 14 and saved every penny, and just bought a nice car in high school. In a way I wish I had the work ethic of some of those kids though, I seem to have just floated by school without worrying about money or anything. Now that I am living on my own, and I am really paying for it, mommy and daddy arnt going to be around forever and I need to grow up, but it is definitely happening and I think I am doing quite well on my own, some of my family has noticed. /storyofmylife
  5. My father is paying for my first year of college, but that is because I couldn't get any student loans (I applied but got denied)

    I receive a few hundred dollars a month, but that is for food as I don't have a meal plan

    If I wanted money, I could call my mother/grandmother/father and ask, and they would send me more money, but I hate asking for things so I never do this unless I drastically need money for food.

    I probably could fall under the spoiled college kid domain if I abused the generosity of my parents, but I would feel like complete scum for taking advantage of them.
  6. My parents paid for undergrad tuition and housing, so I feel like I was pretty spoiled. Knew plenty of people who didn't have that.

    Now I'm paying for grad school on loans and what little money I earned in one year, but I'm sure my parents would help me out if I needed it.
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    My parents work real hard, so I try not to ask them for much EVER because I know the value of money now since im 19 (didn't really used to until 16). My grandma on the other hand has a bit of money, she gives me whatever the fuck I want AS LONG as im doing good in life (school, not fucking shooting heroin, etc), as a matter of fact she offered to move me into an apartment in Cali (nothing amazing, 2 bedroom 1 bath but 750$ a month is still 750$ a month) but I turned it down due to a few issues.
  8. My parents fund my education, but I get zero money past what is absolutely necessary.

    Spoiled in a way, but I don't just "get" money. It all goes to something I actually need.
  9. I still live at home but I pay for my own food and have been financially independent since I got my first job
  10. I dont work either lol, Although I have major knee dislocations, there are still plenty of jobs I can get. I guess I am spoiled, just not CRAZY spoiled like these rich fuck boys with there daddys doctor money.

    edit: its funny though, a lot people with more money are less greedy than people with some money, like my family.
  11. Parents pay for all my tuition/housing and give me some money on the side, but i spend a lot on my own so i rarely ask them for money. I hate when i see my friends call their parents to ask for money for "textbooks" and see them spend it on bud/alcohol/ whatever else not school related, then they complain school is too expensive. :mad: If you are going to buy weed, do it on your own accord, get a job or start growing you stingy a-holes! ;)
  12. Both of my parents are well off (my dad is very well off lol) but the only time I get stuff from them is if they offer. I don't ask just because I feel that I'm 18 with a job and my mom already allows me to live with her and eat her food so I don't plan on asking for more.

    I have a job so I can pay for my shit. However I probably will ask my dad to pay for my college when I transfer from this community college to one of the UCs or CSUs.

    I am far from spoiled in terms of them giving me money / stuff. However they have connected me with other people for jobs / ways to make money so I could earn the money and not have it given to me.
  13. i could be spoiled by my parents but im not. they offer to give me money if i ever need it but i never do.

    i get paid to go to college.

    full tuition, housing, books, meal plan and a $300 a month paycheck (which is minimal, but hey, its $300 every month just to go to school and get good grades; and thats ignoring the fact that everything else is completely covered)

    if i got a job and started saving cash from that and just spending my checks i get for going to school (i would probably save the checks as well, i literally never use cash....) i will have mad loot by the time im out of college. but as for now im not really focusing on a job. just schoolwork and relaxing.

    edit: so i guess in one aspect i am kinda spoiled. just not by my parents
  14. My parents pay tuition and housing so in that sense I'm a spoiled college kid. However, my spending money is my own money. Beer, weed, snacks, and other non essential luxuries come out of my pocket. They pay for my education and I pay for my fun.
  15. I had spent all my money to my name in the summer so My dad offered to help me out with some money in college. Next summer I'm going to work my ass off and make enough to put me through my next college year.

    I wouldn't say Im spoiled, because I appreciate it but my dad owns a company so he was able to pay for my college and most people in my extended family paid for their kids so he followed tradition.
  16. I think if you have the money/grades to get into and go to college you should feel spoiled. College was the best time of my life (freedom w/o a lot of responsibility beyond maintaining my As) and around 30% of kids that graduate high school don't get to go. Don't waste your time at college, get it while you can and do work!
  17. I am a standard middle class student i would say. My parents made to much for me to get any special treatment, but they didn't make enough to help with school. But they are helping me with my car... so that is definitly on the spoiled side. But college wise, i have taken out student loans(and a part time job) i have money, but its "really" not mine. So yea, i would say i am sort of spoiled, but i know the meaning of hard work.
  18. Yes and no. I live at home and am going to college here. I'm going to transfer to a better college but it's still local. My dad works at that university so I get free tuition. I get free meals, housing, and they pay for my gas. I do odd jobs for money to buy weed since that's all I really pay for. I try not to ask them for money unless I am actually broke and it's for something that only happens once in a while or if it's a necessity. (like gas to get to school) Eventually I'll move out but that will probably be after college. And if all goes as planned I'll have my dream life after college. =]
  19. No ,,, we worked for every single thing we own.

    I'm spoiled because of student loans :eek:

    It's going to be a festering mess when I graduate
  20. my mother doesn't give me money, but she pays my tuition. in that regard, i am beyond spoiled.

    for spending money, i'm taking out gov't loans that i will have to pay back upon graduation :cry:

    i'm definitely not spoiled; but i am blessed to be in a upper middle class upbringing. when my father died, however, that life came crashing down and i had to live much more modestly... quite a culture shock.

    i'm sure if he were still alive, he would be giving me moneys. such is life :confused_2:

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