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Any spiritual people

Discussion in 'Religion, Beliefs and Spirituality' started by boricuarage79, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. So I been spiritual for about a few years now as it helped me tremendously with my PTSD... I didn't smoke when I started spirituality... Only meditated every day for about a year and it was great... and was reading alot of books of spirituality from Alan watts to eckart tolle etc..
    I stopped the whole meditation thing for almost 2 years now and my ego came back which aggrevated my PTSD... weed helps, but I mainly smoke @ night....

    Anyways I started meditating today for 20 mins and those 20 mins were amazing... it was quit difficult as I had to get back to the rhythm from breathing to thoughts and try to get in complete stillness... I was in a trance for a few minutes and natural high...

    I tried meditating while being high, but all it do was make me fall asleep lol.. must be the low tolerance...

    Anyways wanted to share my experience

    Grow Journal Critical Mass

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  2. KSAN Jive 95 on the FM dial used to play a tape of Alan Watts on Sunday mornings. Joseph Campbell is another inspiration. The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda also comes to mind.
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  3. Spiritual? Well I've written 100+ pages about my experiences far out of this world (mentally). I don't know if that makes me spiritual
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  4. I've been reading up on the Higgs field and it makes me wish I was spiritual or give up and dance to the end of love.
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  5. Would love to read some of your pages.. I believe if you have an open mind you are spiritual IMO

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  6. It's in German and handwritten while I was baked as Fuck. A lot has become unreadable even for me. I'll see if I can find something postable later
  7. I live in Germany as well so I do speak a lol German

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  8. Well we are all spiritual beings having a human/physical experience, some just seem to become aware of their true nature before others, everything is energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. Ultimately.
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  9. I vibrate best at about 70 degrees with a tiny bit of weed and a cup of homemade apple wine
  10. you cant explain everything trough the merits of energy, frequency, vibrations

    Hilary Putnam:If you choose to represent the various parts in life by holes upon a table, of different shapes,—some circular, some triangular, some square, some oblong,—and the person acting these parts by bits of wood of similar shapes, we shall generally find that the triangular person has got into the square hole, the oblong into the triangular, and a square person has squeezed himself into the round hole. The officer and the office, the doer and the thing done, seldom fit so exactly, that we can say they were almost made for each other.[2]

    the simple fact that a square peg won't fit into a round hole cannot be explained in molecular or atomic terms (there exists rigidity and geometry)

    so no matter how much you try and explain the world only through vibrations or energy you wont be able to explain the rest of the world due to the limiting nature you have placed yourself in

    questions for your claim
    what is a spiritual being?
    by human/physical experience do you account for the physical experience of animals that do not have the same capacity as us? Would they even experience consciousness?
    what is this true nature?
  11. Vacation [​IMG]

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  12. Question OP, u know how people tend to color within the lines? A person that would color outside the lines would be considered crazy right? What's ur take?
  13. I had some fucked up shit happen to me before I started my spiritual path, but as I walked my path I started hating the "spiritual" people I met after realizing most of them are just full of shit, the spiritual information I was reading was just bullshit. I just turned inwards and fully believe:

    He who speaks, doesn't know. He who knows, doesn't speak.
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  14. emulate conception, miracles tru work and cruxify. all else hearsay
  15. Those types are the weird ones and act like a cult... spirituality is about being open minded and be conscious by letting the ego goes.. even tho its hard too

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  16. Yeah... Unfortunately the weird ones seem to over populate the normal people :laughing:

    There was a whole crew my friend introduced me to, a lot of them were awesome as fuck, but others seemed to use being a "hippy", "free-spirited", whatever the fuck they choose to identify as, solely as a label. It kind of reminded me of a bunch of people who unintentionally formed some type of all inclusive clique. Only problem was, some of those people could be advantage takers, looking for opportune moments, free drugs, a party.

    I was especially turned off to the crew when my friend boasted about how he bedded this "goddess" on his b-day, competing w/ another dude, and another couple. Manipulating her into a sexual encounter by talking himself up as giving a great "reiki massage" that would stimulate such and such chakras, making her feel this way, opening her mind and energy up that way... Then the patchouli... Oh... God... THE PATCHOULI!!! In remember working as a bouncer, when they came in, the entire bar reeked to high hell of either that, or putrid B.O.

    Most of them are cool as fuck though, I fucks wit them, they fucks wit me.
  17. There are people who claim they can manipulate energy or some ish like that. Seems u met one. I'd stay far away from those, manipulators to the bone and hard to tell whether they're ingenuine or genuine.
  18. Mos def, I started to realize that while friendly, he has a toxic personality so I stopped talking to him.

    Funny thing, he actually ended up skipping town! I think he owed too many people money, and fell out w/ others (I think they realized his toxic personality), so he dipped.
  19. After living my life I can't say there is anything good about it. I've tried and hoped shit all my life and barely anything good happens that's why I smoke and get away from that shit. Herb is the healing without cannabis I would've killed myself long ago.
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  20. True humbleness is spirituality..

    A spiritual being is the truth, otherwise how would the spirit flow.. it is through the vipassana vehicle that we travel through the world, with the breath like water carrying on like a river.. THAT is the flow of spirit..

    But the question is to wonder what to do with rocks.. well just like water, you flow around and above them.. secretly spirit is true, and rocks can lend meaning via the crashing river. A mountain is a nice object, but for a spirutual person, it has everlasting beauty!

    Ranges and graphs of the ups and downs of life.. in an attempt to follow ones freedom!

    Is the freest person able to come to terms with the up and down..?
    Well I think spirituality helps in this regard..

    Praying and meditating is all you can do..!

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